The Most Scathing Bars From Ma$e’s Cam’ron Diss; Cam’ron Responds (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: As you can see above, it looks like we’re in for a great battle this side of the year 2000.


What a Friday this turned out to be. (Not so) seemingly out of nowhere, shiny suit man-turned-pastor Ma$e is back on his ‘Murda’ with his latest — an absolutely scathing diss to his former Herlemite brother Cam’ron titled “The Oracle”:

Presumably, this release was a direct response to Cam’ron’s own storytelling on The Program. I’m not even going to bore you with my opinion (read: the s*** it fire), just check out the hardest bars from the song, each one clearly packing some serious history between the two veteran emcees:

Tax know you as the n***a that snitched on the Roc
D.C. crips only know you the n***a they shot

I ain’t gone talk about the time you f***ed your sister

Pause on that for a second…what?

In 2002 you lost 50 pounds, ulcers in your liver
And now you tryna sell n***as liquor

Where was all that Rico s*** when you left Jim in Rucker Park?

Matter fact I’m on a true life change
But let’s get back to that smack and that Tru Life chain

After that 50 s*** you moved to Orlando
You had the n***a Jim on the radio, where did Cam go?

I f*** the King of rap b***h when I was unsigned
And made the n***a Diddy sign me off of one line


Don’t blame for the past and I won’t blame you for the crash
Sent my n***a Huddy on a dummy mission and he crashed

You robbed Juelz on some Diddy s***
And when Jim start ballin’ you get back on sissy s***

How will Diddy feel about that line?

And finally…

I’m the name on the ribbon on the bird
I’m done rapping with you
You’ll always be my bitch you got my fucking name tatted on you


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