RESPECT. Premiere: Chicago Songstress Eliana Submerges Herself in Love on The Metaphoric “Tip Me Over”

Photo Credit: Devion “Swan” Gardley for syncorswm

Chicago’s Classick Studios is no stranger to budding talent. A breeding ground for breakthrough projects such as Chance‘s Acid Rap, No Name‘s Telefone, and Smino‘s blkswn, the Humboldt Park recording rendezvous appears to once again have their ears tuned to a sweet frequency.

Said frequency comes in the form of Eliana‘s “Tip Me Over,” a beautiful love ballad released today through Rooted Sound, another rising collective working out of the Windy City.

Growing up on the Southside, Eliana was literally spawned into singing. With her mother entering labor during an episode of Showtime At The Apollo, Eliana’s father spoke her purpose into existence, vowing that his daughter was born to perform.

After developing her vocal prowess in her grandmother’s church, the vocalist then transitioned her focus to competitions like American Idol, The Voice, and a host of others. But with a SoundCloud bio that says “Better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow,” it’s obvious the young artist has but one worthy adversary — herself.

Coincidentally, it’s her own emotions with which she wrestles on the Vocirus produced “Tip Me Over.” Over an airy pop vibe, Eliana’s voice takes center stage, showcasing a raw, relatable message with poignancy, and a range that fluctuates between a gentle delivery, and one with overpowering elegance. Coaxing her partner to go all in, she swears “You don’t have to love me later, right here, right now.” It’s then with a metaphoric pen that she pleads her partner to “let your love pour out,” an obvious ode to the love “hangover” and “vertigo” she references only lines later.

Currently curating her debut ELIANA EP, the songstress finds inspiration through poetry, as well as artist Stacy Lattisaw, the latter of which was played throughout her upbringing. Above all, Eliana hopes to piece together a debut project that showcases both her ambition and her authenticity.

“I know I have to really be myself in my music, and that’s basically what the ELIANA EP is,” she told RESPECT.. “It’s me taking one step at a time to find myself, and then portray it to the world.”

Keep it locked at RESPECT. for incoming Eliana, and follow her on SoundCloud here.

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