RESPECT. Interviews: Envision For U Concierge CEO Leslie León About Her Passion For Helping Others

Envision For U Concierge CEO Leslie León and Raiders Running Back Marshawn Lynch (Image credit: Leslie León)

Envision For U Concierge is an executive personal concierge that caters to professional athletes, celebrities, and corporate administrators. They provide a variety of convenient services to meet the professional and personal demands and needs of our guests. The services they provide are nationwide and they are available 24/7. According to their mission statement, they will do their utmost to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction.

“We trive on providing a professional service with a personal touch.”

RESPECT. Had the opportunity to speak with Envision For U Concierge CEO Leslie León about why she decided to pursue a career in hospitality. She also discusses her daily tasks and some events she had the opportunity to be a part of throughout her career. In addition, we discussed how often she has to accommodate client entourages.

When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in hospitality?

When I used to work at a sports management company and I felt that there was a need because I worked with athletes. Those athletes needed assistance and I saw this as a calling for me.

What are some of the things you enjoy about your occupation?

Being able to help people is what I enjoy about my occupation.  Since life tends to pull people in many directions we thrive on putting our client’s mind at ease because we are a one-stop shop. This allows our clients to focus on what their everyday tasks are and not have worry about their travel, hotel, and entertainment arrangements.

How do you describe some of your clients and what are some of the expectations you deal with daily?

It varies with each client, but some clients are professional athletes and entertainers. Some of the requests have been for traveling and making sure their families are taken care of at games or events. A lot of our clients take care of their airfare nowadays and our focus is more on the hotel, transportation, stylists, and other requests.

How often do you have to deal with clients’ entourages?

Not very often, but we make sure everyone is taken care of VIP style. This is anywhere in Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. So, let’s say they wanted to go to Drai’s in Las Vegas I negotiate the rates on the tables, bottles. Even if you pay for a reservation at a venue, you still need to be there by a certain time or you can lose your table. So, my team and I will go the extra mile to secure the tables when the clients arrive. Then we will escort them to their tables and make sure everything is flowing properly before we leave.

What does a typical day in your profession look like and how do you prioritize your work?

The start of the day if I do not have any missed calls or text, then I’ll check my emails to make sure you those are all answered.  Next, I start trying to strategize how I will promote my business to gain more clientele.  Then if there are new venues in the area I will schedule meeting for walkthroughs or virtual tours of the establishment and food tasting. So, when clients ask my opinion on the menu I can give them my honest answer.  I set aside different times throughout the day to make sure I get things completed in a timely matter. So, I am not consistently on my phone all day.

How does traveling season affect your industry and typical how long are on the road throughout the year?

It takes a toll on our body depending how often you travel. I know one week I was traveling back to back and even though Vegas is not that far from Los Angeles. I could feel the effects of not resting and I remember traveling to Atlanta and having to turn around the next day to Los Angeles. The timezone difference can really take a toll on your body depending how often you travel.  I enjoy what I do for a living and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

What are some of the most unusual request that you received from clients?

Surprisingly, nothing out there and I do not know if it’s because of the respect that they have for my work, but nothing out of the ordinary. When things are asked I always embrace myself because you must be prepared, but my clients haven’t really asked for anything off the wall.

Envision For U Concierge CEO Leslie León and Vikings Running back Latavius Murray (Image Leslie León)

You had the opportunity to coordinate events for “All-Star weekend for the NBA, NFL, Boxing, and BET. How stressful can be preparing for those type of events?

It can be a little challenging, but again the adrenaline keeps you going and being able to build those contacts. So, you are prepared for events like the NBA All-Star Weekend in February. In this industry, you must always be two steps ahead because a client never wants to hear that you cannot book a place for reservations.

Has there been a time when had to tell a client no because a request was last minute?

There have been times where I had to turn clients away due to last minute request, but it doesn’t happen very often.  When it does happen I always have a second option to compensate just in case.

What are some tips that you would like to share with people inquiring to pursue a career in concierge services?

Please do your due diligence before entering the industry because it not as easy as you think. You must have a lot of patience to work in this industry because your phone is always ringing off the hook. Finally, you must build those relationships to have a successful career.





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