RESPECT. Interview: Lamont Sincere

Photo Credit: Stephan Linton

New York recording artist Lamont Sincere has a lot on his plate these days but that didn’t stop him from taking sometime out of his day for an exclusive Interview. For those of you that aren’t already hip to the young artist, Lamont Sincere is a newly signed artist to Empire distribution that is surely leaving a mark in the pop and R&B music world. He recently dropped a double release for his latest tracks “Broken” and “Where It Came From.” Get to know this singer, songwriter, and producer a little more by checking out our interview with him below.

RESPECT.: Hey Lamont! Musically you have your hands in everything but what do you label yourself as?

I label myself as a person who’s all about positive thoughts, positive energy and nothing less. It could be from happy or sad moments. My music is a full representation of that all in one which equals to me giving you feel good music.

RESPECT.: For those that do not know you, where are you from?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in middle of both Brownsville and Crown Heights from my toddler to teenager years. After that I lived in Harlem with Dougie E Fresh who was my mentor and his sons for about 4 years.

RESPECT.: What made you want to get into music also, do you have any specific influences?

It all started as a kid for sure. I would play vinyl records, tapes and CDs over and over trying find all the sounds layered in the music and growing up listening to Marvin Gaye, Raphael Saadiq, Usher, 112 and The Temptations who are biggest influences.

RESPECT.: You recently dropped two tracks, please tell us more about them.

So, my two singles that I dropped was a Double Single Release “Where It Came From” and Broken.” I felt like I had to release both of them at the same time on the same day because they connect and tell a story. The feeling of not caring about the person at all and never wanting to fall in love again.

RESPECT.: What have you been working on since the release of the songs above?

I’ve just been working on new music ideas, playing around with sounds, writing songs and making beats. Oh yeah, I make beats by the way if you didn’t know. All genres. No holds barred (laughs).

RESPECT.: You’re working with Empire now, how has the team been treating you?

They been treating me well and I can’t complain. It’s cool because I am my own boss. I release music through them but the label copyrights of my songs are under my name Lamont Sincere. I got something else going on that is going to be added to this venture.

RESPECT.: What has been the peak of your career so far?

The little things from personally being invited to the 300 ent Version launch event and Genius BBQ IQ event as a VIP guest. I’m a big fan of too so that’s was dope. Being played on Hot 93.7 radio in Connecticut over and over again. Hearing yourself on the radio is crazy feeling. Just meeting new industry people learning the music businesses.

RESPECT.: What can we look forward to from you?

I got somethings going on in the back cooking up. I can’t really say too much yet but just know that Casanova and 2x entertainment team is making power moves for 2017 and beyond. I’m going just leave you with that hint.

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