RESPECT. Interview: Get To Know 40Boyz & New Project “40 Reasons Why”

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The 40Boyz is a collaborative music group who has recently dropped their “40 REASONS WHY” project which tells their story.

Each song has a different message and event behind it. The inspiration came from the netflix show “13 Reasons Why”, in which each track is a tape telling their  truth.

“No lies, nothing buffered, we say what we want, and talk on what we have lived and feel,” says the group.

“Rest In Paradise to our Lost 40 Brother MyAngelo Starnes, he really motivated us to make this tape. His death lead to our reconnection in the studio. This is what he would have wanted. 40 REASONS WHY OUT NOW!!” – 40Boyz

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Check out the full interview below with the 40Boyz (A1-Ant, Kai, Jay Propane, DTour, Pablo, Ethan Andrade, and Danait Desta)

Describe your group’s sound & style individually?

“We are a mix of hiphop, R&B, but people call it Dark Trap, one day we make something that makes you want to go super-saiyan, then the next day we make something that makes you want to call your ex, and fall asleep with them on FaceTime. No matter what, we always have a song for everyone. Everything we say in our music is the truth or a real life experience so that we can connect with our listeners just in case they’ve gone through that same thing.”

What have you all been working on musically?

“We have been working on our upcoming tape, “40 Reasons Why” based off the Netflix hit show, “13 Reasons Why”. The meaning behind this title is pretty simple, we are telling our stories through the songs and music. As we mentioned before, everything is a true story so we telling it. What brought us together to make this tape is the loss of a 40 brother MyAngelo to gun violence. He was 16, when he passed away on September 17 2017 at 8:15 pm. He was an artist also. He is A1-Ant’s little brother. Rest In Paradise beloved. We have a few songs dedicated to him on the tape, a lot of our pain steers from that situation. Each song is the equivalence to a “tape” in “13 Reasons Why”. The tape is 100% produced by Ethan Andrade, he’s an insane producer one of the best I have ever worked for. He hasn’t thrown a failed beat our way yet. Huge thanks to that king. The tape will be dropping on black Friday. Give yall something to listen to while you standing in line waiting to get that new TV.”

What prominent or upcoming artist would you say you take inspiration from?

“We cant really say to be honest. Our inspiration is our daily life. (Kai) My favorite artist is Kanye West, when he raps he keeps it raw and says what he wants and how he feels at the moment no regrets thats me. (DTour) I love Jimi Hendrix, thats a bad boy. His strings talk to me. Its like each string sound is a word, and I can speak his language. (A1-Ant) Travis Scott is one of my idols, the way he can play with his voice is insane. If you listen to each of his songs, not the main lyrics but the ones in the background its like an entire other song. (Pablo) Drake isnt my inspiration, but he is my top artist right now. When he touches it, it turns to gold. (Jay Propane) I would need to say Lil Boosie, he helped get me to a better place no matter what I’m going through and he just speaks the real all the time.”

What do you hope your fans learn or take from your influence?

“We want our fans to not only listen to our music but to be able to connect to it, use quotes from our songs in their daily life. We want for them to be able to be as close and personal to us as possible. A lot of our fans can connect with the music because they feel as though they have been in our shoes before. The fans need to know the real us, the good, the bad and the ugly. Need them to know anything is possible, and to remain humble with every level up. Looking at us should be like looking in the mirror.”

What would you say sets you apart from the many others in regards to your music & images?

“One thing our fans say most is that we sound like nobody from today. You never know what type of song we will drop, we keep everyone on their toes. Plus we, a group of 5 makes the creative process behind each song amazing. Its like we get an idea from 5 different minds. That alone is different. Pablo will give you a 16 that feels like a 500. A1 will crank any beat. Jay can bring the real to any track. DTour will say something you have to listen to 4 times before you understand it, its just that deep to his life. And saying this humbly, Kai is 13 years old…enough said.”

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