On The Radar: Chosen – “Go Get It”

According to Forbes, Hip-Hop is the biggest selling form of music with R&B coming in as the second largest. It’s no secret that the city of Atlanta has become the mecca for hip-hop and — around the world — is the place where many of the industry’s most successful rappers pay homage. Atlanta, GA has played more than a significant role in this history of accomplishments as the capital has generated Grammy and Academy Award winners, and Billboard #1 artists, songwriters, and producers. Next up is Atlanta rapper Chosen, who — with his own amplified sound and style — has had the unquestionable support of a colorblind city.

In Chosen’s fresh single, “Go Get It,” directed by Derwynnwho, he definitely lets it be known that he’s hungry for the money, by any means. His gritty, urban demeanor exhibits his unapologetic attitude towards those who aren’t grinding like him. With him being focused on the prize and not the shine, Chosen is determined to win. Check out this dope visual.

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