A Jay-Z Inspired Verse Has Transitioned Into An Empowering Financial Book For The Ages

Jay-Z has had an amazing 2017. Thanks to his powerful, soul touching album known as 4:44, Hova was able to not only challenge the minds of young men to look within in regards to mental and emotional health, he also inspired a new generation to pay attention to the power of the economy and finance while earning his 14th #1 album on the Billboard chart. But one thing Hov has done is open the eyes to another driven young man to expand further on the reference of arguably the year’s most important bar of 2017.

“My financial freedom, my only hope”, a verse that was rapped on Jay’s leading single known as The Story Of OJ has introduced a new wave of thinkers to strategize the power of getting to the bag. One of those powerful thinkers is a young man by the name of Jeremiah Brown. Jay, as his peers would call him, is a Brooklynite who took his hustling talents to California. A graduate of Elon University, Brown was able to successfully create an app to help the baller-on-a-budget, stunt on his haters by creating an high end luxury watch rental app known as BezelHub. Now Jeremiah is ready to unleash one of his biggest challenges to the public as it is on the prowl to be a game changer. Introducing Financial Freedom, My Only Hope: Mastering The Game Of Money, the financial book for the millennials to change the way we view the economy.

The truth is that we’re all players in the “game of money.” Only those who know how to watch the game, identify the levels, and bend the rules can gain the upper hand. In this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll discover how the economic deck is stacked and how to use proven strategies to turn the game in your favor. Many believe finding their revenue niche is the answer. It’s not! This text exposes that myth and reveals the multiple streams of income—ordinary, portfolio, and passive—necessary for economic mobility. Learn how to take on new business ventures like an entrepreneur and protect your assets like a multimillionaire. Master the game, and finally achieve long-lasting wealth!

Jeremiah’s purpose in writing this book is to encourage people to think about how we can all financial freedom and solve this global economic inequality at the same time. This book will be the spark that ignites a bigger movement we can all join in and succeed at the highest level. You can purchase the book by clicking this link here.

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