G-Shock Celebrates 35th Anniversary with A$AP Mob

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As time passes, the G-Shock brand becomes more and more timeless. G-Shock watches are the soundtrack to many memories. As most know, G-Shock has been around for 35 years killing the watch game, year after year, and with that many years in, there is no way a celebration won’t be had. So a massive bash is exactly what G-Shock decided to throw.

Let me paint the picture for you. Let’s take it back to this past Thursday. New York City. A surprisingly warm evening for November. Theatre at Madison Square Garden filled with G-Shock fans and the press from all over the world. Drinks are flowing. Popcorn is popping (it was actually already in boxes, but you get what I mean). The vibes were awesome. Between the extraordinary archive of watches on display in a pop up museum donned with a big lit up G-Shock sign, the numerous respected ambassadors and having the G-Shock engineering legend in the house, attendees had the perfect setting to take 143438 photos/videos to share with their friends.


G-Shock MR-G Display: Replica of Samuari Armor of the Sengoku Era

David Johnson

David Johnson VP of Timepiece, Casio America, Inc. was the MC for the press portion of the event.

Kikuo Ibe

Mr. Kikuo Ibe, Founding Father of G-SHOCK and research was loved by the crowd.


On stage were: Matthew Hranek, Full Time traveler, explorer, eater and drinker, Condé Nast Traveler editor, photographer, director and author of “A Man and His Watch,” Adam Craniates, Red Bar Crew Co-Founder, Watch Collector, Freelance Writer, Mr. Kikuo Ibe, Louie Vito, a G-SHOCK Athlete, Professional Snowboarder, Olympian and Ronnie Fieg, Owner of KITH.

Eric Haze

Eric Haze, Graphic Artist, G-Shock loyalist and Collaborator was shared his passion for G-Shock watches.

But these festivities were not all G-Shock had in store for its fans as a give back for 35 years of love. Oh no, it was not.

As people were filing in to get to their seats, drink in hand and that already popped popcorn in another, Virgil Abloh hit the stage and started his set. AND basically started the party. Between bumping “Bodak Yellow” and getting everyone to rap along to “Dreams And Nightmares,” Virgil set the scene for what was to come next. Muthaf***ing A$AP Mob!

As we all waited for the crew to bless the stage, their DJ got things started with some classic A$AP tracks. And before we knew it A$AP Nast hit the stage and performed “Nasty’s World.” It didn’t take long before everyone was on their feet, dancing and feeling all the vibes. Soon after, A$AP Twelvyy, A$AP Rocky and the rest of the mob were on the stage performing hits after hits. The energy between A$AP Mob and the audience was electric. People were dancing in aisles, drinks in everyone’s hands and of course, they were all rapping the lyrics at the top of their lungs. These fans were ready for what was going down! SO when A$AP Ferg came out, the energy was at an all time high!

Ferg performed his hit tracks from the beginning of his career to now, including “Shabba,” “New Level,” “Coach Cartier,” “Plain Jane” and more. And it wouldn’t be an A$AP Mob show if they didn’t perform “Yamborghini High” and paid tribute to A$AP Yams. And Yams wasn’t the only one that received a tribute. Ferg made sure to take a moment to shout out Meek Mill and asked everyone to sign the petition to lesson his sentence.

Before closing out the show, Ferg thanked G-Shock for having the A$AP Mob and obviously the fans for all their support. But it was clear that A$AP Mob deserved the thanks for putting on probably one of the best shows the audience would have seen this year.

Happy 35th Anniversary to G-Shock!

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