Finally Trending Is On The Rise In Our Digital World

Finally Trending is more than just a name or slogan.

Finally Trending

These days our world is more connected and digital than ever before. The world of social media and social networking has stepped the game up across the boards for new and innovative platforms. There is a new name on the block known as Finally Trending, who are looking to be the go-to guys in a world of digital marketing.

Finally Trending

After a sit down with the head honcho Seth Timlake, he gives more insight on Finally Trending and the brand’s vision.

Tell us about your Finally Trending brand and what are your goals?

My name is Seth Timlake and Finally Trending is the next Amazon, the next Google; Finally Trending is here to revolutionize marketing for the new generation. I know that might sound crazy, but it is really what I believe. The people I have met already is not normal for a guy who grew up in a small town. Finally Trending is a social media marketing company.

As time moves forward technology seems to consume our lives more and more, whether it be with or without our consent. Either way, we look to take advantage of this and bring the power of marketing to the forefront of people, straight to their cell phones. Can you imagine if every large account on twitter alone tweeted about one thing?  The amount of impressions would be too far to count. This is what Finally Trending is here to capture.

How did you prepare yourself to step into the entrepreneurial arena?

I grew up in a family where no one made it to college and I was the first to go. I ended up nailing it when I graduated college when I was nineteen. Having the business mindset and strategy behind me, I knew how to talk to people. Knowing how to talk to people is really the biggest asset someone can have.

If I have any advice for anyone out there, it’s to not try to do all the work yourself, it’s to ask for help, get people to assist you and use the knowledge of others for your own benefit. If you gather everyone’s knowledge and experiences, then they become your own experiences in a way that you can learn from.

How will Finally trending help with Twitter and other social media platforms?

Finally Trending focuses on a brand’s social media platforms. There is a very large market that is on social media, and if you can control marketing on these platforms, you can direct a lot of traffic to your content/product. Finally Trending can help your brand look strong. People are more willing to buy from a supplier if they are more active on social media. In a way it shows credibility the more interactions that you have, showing that you have people who believe in what you do, whether it is music, accessories, talent, etc.

You have built a power circle of subject matter experts within your company, what was your process to weed through the multitude of people looking to work with you?

I have always sought out individuals that I have admired for a long time, that I would look up to, and would like to work with some time in the future. Time goes on and I am working with a lot of the biggest people on Twitter like Killian Trill, people with their own T.V. shows, people being nominated for Grammys, it has gotten too many to count at this point.

Killian has been a massive help. He is able to make just about anything go viral and at any time it feels like. Now that he is a part of Finally Trending, we have one of the best content creators on Twitter, and with his audience, we are able to branch out and work with people I never thought I would work with before and reach a whole other dimension of the audience for our clients to use.

The whole experience is one of a kind. I will go ahead and say that I am never content with where I am. To me, there is always something bigger and better, and that is what I strive for.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

I could not have gotten where I am without some help from a best friend and an excellent business partner. Garfield Neal has always been true with me, and it feels like there is nothing that we can not conquer.

I also want to say to go for what you believe in and to follow your dreams. It takes a lot of work, and I mean a lot of work, but doing this is something that I would not trade in for the world. Finally Trending is the future and the next big thing. Mark my words.

Be sure to follow Finally Trending on Twitter @FinallyTrending

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