RESPECT. Interview: Texas’s Own Gorgeous George Is Ready To Pimp The Game

Texas is home to the trillest and most legendary emcees of the culture. From UGK to Scarface, there have been some legendary cold productions that was put onto wax in which it influenced so may lives. Just ask Shawn Carter‘s wifey. But as the years gone by, the smooth “southernplayalisticdaillacmuzik” has slowly transitioned to the trap waves where heavy bass and dread shaking music has been dominating the scene. Look no further Texas fans, there’s a new voice in town who is ready to bring back that slick, playa-pimp talk on wax. Get ready to get familiar with the name known as Gorgeous George.

The Houston native known as “The Pimp God”, George brings an authentic, laid-back lyrical style that schools the young bucks on how to get and keep the ladies, while at the same time, keep the ladies glued and entertained to his content. An prime case of this is summer time hit banger “WaterMellon JollyRancher”, a song which George delivers intricate while still witty lyrics over a fluid beat. With braggadocious swagger and a smooth pimp-like philsophy who is ready to school the game, RESPECT Mag was able to catch up with the Houston bred emcee.

RESPECT: What was it like coming up with the concept for “WaterMellon JollyRancher”? What was the premise of the song you wanted to introduce to your fans?

GORGEOUS GEORGE: The premise of this song is about putting hard candy in your mouth and enjoying the taste. I wanted to do it in a way in which it is not vulgar but have the listener realize the sexual pleasure in the context I was talking about.  I wanted to do a different style of music where it’s enjoyable, playful and you can vibe to it compared to the goon shoot them up music. I took the concept off from Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” and wanted to make it sexy for the ladies.


RESPECT: How are you willing to bring that new age Houston pimp/slick talk vibe to today’s game?

GORGEOUS GEORGE: I try not to can’t take away or add to the greats. I just want to do me. I’m not only try to introduce a Houston vibe, but its a worldly vibe. I don’t want be called a rapper, I’m an artist. I can rap, produce and sing my own songs. Just called me something who understand how to make good music. I want to do music with rap artists but at the same time do music with someone like Miley Cyrus or Limp Bizkit. I want to create music with substance and a dope message in it.

RESPECT: What artists you always wanted to collaborate?

GORGEOUS GEORGE: Hmmm, I would like to collaborate with anyone who sound good and who are talented. I’m not a fan of know one but I respect your hustle. I want to make music for their fans. I want to do dope music who fans can see and feel a vibe because there’s substance to it. I’m not just going to hop on the track with anyone because they just hot for the moment.

RESPECT: Who would you compared yourself to in the hip hop or pop culture?

GORGEOUS GEORGE: I would say little bit of Jimi Hendrix because he’s abstract with accepting music but people fail to accept him. I’m here to reverse the curse. I feel that I’m one of a kind. I am a strong believer of the acronym of a P.I.M.P. which stands for Positively Influence Many People!

Check out the banger that the Houston street buzzing over called “Watermellon JollyRancher”. Be on the look out for the video coming soon.