New Music: Itamar Shatz gets funky on “Brain One”

Brain One

Credit: Itamar Shatz (@ITAMAR_SHATZ)

Itamar Shatz sounds a proper mix of wonkiness and funk on his latest collaborative cut “Brain One.”

The song is the brain child of Shatz, a Brooklyn-based artist, along with musicians Ariel Shafir and Yoni Marianer. As a result, the song creates “an alien tribal chant, traditionally meant to bridge between one’s mind and their reptilian existence” according to Shatz.

In addition to Marianer’s bass and Shafir’s drums, Shatz furthermore creates an uptempo march of musicality & vocalizations. The song succeeds throughout, as well. The artists push means of distortion, rock and jazziness to a warp of noise at its conclusion.

To hear Shatz’ salad bowl of sounds, make sure to stream “Brain One” below or on all other forms of digital media. You can also check out his previous collaboration with Marianer on his Sireni EP, available on the artist’s Bandcamp.