Nets Photographer Gemini Keez Says Deron Williams, Air Penny V’s & Autism Awareness Boosted His Brand

Deron Williams sporting Autism Awareness Month Air Penny V sneakers. Photo Credit: Gemini Keez

New York-based photographer Gemini Keez, shoots photos of some of your favorite kicks that NBA players don on court.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, LeBron James is a fan of Keez’s work.

According to COMPLEX, Keez is so good that LeBron James once asked Brooklyn’s Barclays Center security to remove every member of the media except Keez from his space so that Keez could shoot photos of him during layup lines.

“My focus is the shoes, what the pros wear,” Keez recently told YES Network” [They were] pretty much suffocating him, and he was telling the security guys, ‘Get these guys out of the way, except for him, I know what he does,'” Keez said. “But it was just LeBron and I… LeBron doesn’t just talk to anybody. He ignores me, but he also knows what I’m doing, and he gives me the OK.”

Gemini Keez shooting photos of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James. Photo Credit: Complex

James is not the only fan of Keez. James’ former Cavaliers teammate Deron Williams showed tons of love to Keez during his time as a member of the Brooklyn Nets.

“The Keez Cam is because of Deron Williams,” Gemini Keez told me on Scoop B Radio.

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“When I was reporting I was doing interviews the same way that you do Brandon. I would have my camera on me and always used to acknowledge the shoes on the players, but just from a fan standpoint. Like: ‘hey those are some really nice shoes.’ I was teetering on if I really wanted to do this anymore because I had been doing it for a while and I think it was like I gave it another week and said I was just going to focus on the shoes.”

Gemini Keez luck would change at a Nets game when Deron Williams would notice his work.

“There was this one game that I did it for and I was at the following practice the next day and Deron Williams walks up to me as I was taking pictures of the shoes and he just points at me and says: ‘I need your email address!’ So, I’m just like sure and I gave him the email and he had worn these autism shoes.”

Deron Williams’ Penny V’s. Photo Credit: Gemini Keez

Those autism-themed shoes were blue and black Penny Hardaway retro sneakers that had Autism Awareness Month themes with blue puzzle pieces.

The rest is history.

“The next day, websites like Sole Collector, Nicekicks, Sneaker News had all found Keez’s work and gave him photo credit on social media and in article. “It was like a big thing,” said Keez.

“My phone was going crazy. People were sending me text messages telling me my work was on these sites with real big write-ups about autism.”


Gemini Keez was recently featured by YES Network’s Matt Stucko. See Below


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