Metta World Peace says ‘focusing on science & education’ would mend fences between Trump voters & African Americans

U.S. President Donald Trump and former Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace. Photo Credit: Scoop B Radio

NBA legend Metta World Peace Chatted With Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson about how African American’s can co-exist with U.S. President Donald Trump. Press Play Below to Listen!

Next month will mark a year that U.S. President Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election. NBA legend Metta World Peace has been vocal about current U.S. President Donald Trump since he’s entered office.

Appearing on Scoop B Radio, World Peace said that if he were the ruler of the free world for a day, he’d institute a simple solution that would unite Trump voters and African Americans.. “I think that I would probably just focus on science,” Metta World Peace told me on Scoop B Radio.

“Let everyone else focus on people who won’t get along. But just focus on education and science and that’ll handle everything.”

During last years Election World Peace started a social media binge on Twitter by tweeting the hashtag #ifmettawaspresident, which were decisions he would make if he became president.

The tweets were deleted but stuff like this are comical.

You can read the story here via The Post Game’s Jeff Eisenband.

In September, the former Los Angeles Lakers forward told TMZ that President Trump needs to ignore NFL protests and refocus on stopping the violence in Chicago. World Peace also told TMZ that Trump has forgotten the promise he made to clean up Chicago after labeling the violent crime situation an “epidemic” back in June.

World Peace is also an advocate for mental health. While on Scoop B Radio, he stressed that mental health is often ignored. “Mental health is important in all communities,” World Peace told me.

“It’s important to be able to feel comfortable to come out and say you have an issue. And that’s why I’m an advocate, because I feel like if you have an issue you should be able to come out and say that.” 



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