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Chingy is an actor and hip-hop artist from St. Louis, Missouri who came on the scene as an opening act for Nelly in the summer of 2002. Chingy would go on to sign with Ludacris‘ DTP and released his hit single “Right Thurr” in the summer of 2003. His catchy lyrics and the ability to make singles for the nightclubs made him a household name as an artist. Chingy then released his debut project Jackpot (featuring “Right Thurr”), which sold more than two million copies.

In 2004, he followed that project up with the release of Powerballin…his third studio album Hoodstar was released in 2006, featuring the two hit singles “Pullin’ Me Back” and “Dem Jeans.”  The following year, he released the single “Hate It or Love It,” featuring a single entitled “Fly Like Me” with Amerie. His fourth studio album Success & Failure wasn’t released until 2010.

Chingy feels this is the right time to release his EP FYR. This EP allows him to address all the things that he has gone through over the past few years: touring and dealing with business issues, along with coping with the passing of his mother this past April.

RESPECT. had the opportunity to speak with the multi-platinum international recording artist about the release of FYR. We also discussed the status of DeadRose and his distribution deal with Bungalo/Universal Records. The full interview can be seen below.

RESPECT.: Can you tell us how your new deal with Bungalo Records came about? Did you approach them or did they approach you with the opportunity?

Bungalo/Universal has a distribution deal in place with my record label Full Dekk Music Group. A mutual friend of mine named Leo approached me when the situation for both sides was right. He thought it would be a great idea for distribution with the label and he approached us with it. Then we did our due diligence and decided to move forward.

RESPECT.: You have a new project coming out soon. Can you tell us what inspired this project and when can we expect it to be released?

I’m always making music and over the years I have been going through ups and downs. Dealing with labels, personal problems, business, and trying to make sure things are headed in the right direction.  So, I have not been as consistent, but I still have been working, traveling, and making music. Fans are just used to me as an artist on the mainstream platforms such as radio, television and what have you. This is just a project to let the fans listen to my music until I finish my full studio project DeadRose.  FYR is a single from the EP entitled FYR which means “Forget Your Respect” in adult terms “F*** Your Respect.” That is just for the individuals that put limitations on other people’s success and there are a lot of people out there trying to limit others. This song is a representation of all those individuals who do not need approval from others to be successful. The EP will have three or four records and it is just a taste to let fans know I’m still here. The “FYR” video dropped October 27th and I plan on releasing the EP in about a month. As for DeadRose, I do not have a release date for the project right now.

RESPECT.: What are your two favorite singles off the project and why?

I like all of them, but if I just had to limit it to just two, “FYR” because it’s a fact that some individuals put limitations on others and “Talk About It.” That single addresses some of the things I must deal with like the women in my life and disloyal individuals, but the message of the song is to never be discouraged and pursue your dreams.

RESPECT.: Do you plan on going on tour with this project sometime in the near feature?

As I mentioned I’m always on the road and touring, but we are working on some dates to get a mini tour for FYR. So, I may be coming to a city near you.

Image Credit – Chingy

RESPECT: You have been away from the music industry for about seven years now. Why do you feel this was the right time to release this project?

I feel it is the right time to release because of the energy surrounding the project. The timing of the project feels right and with what is going on in my life I can express myself through my music. I have not really left the industry, but I have gone through some ups and downs. I lost my mother recently may she rest in peace, this past April and before that I lost a close aunt of mine. So, as you can see there has been a lot of personal events that have transpired over the years. Fans don’t get a chance to see the personal struggles we artists endure away from the entertainment industry. I have a song called “Ballin” that kind of explains everything.

RESPECT: What inspires you to continue your dream as an artist?

I am very compassionate about what I do as a performer since I was a child it was just instilled in me. I do get discourage somethings and want to quit. As an artist, I have such a love for the art, that I just cannot walk away from it. Making music is not about the money for me this is something I enjoy doing. I would do it anyway and the money follows. The money is secondary and this why I continue pursuing my dream as an artist.

RESPECT: What are some of the business ventures you are involved in outside of the entertainment industry?

I have a clothing line called Different Genius and I came up with the concept, because of all the individuals who can think outside of the box. Different Genius is for individuals who might think they are weird or different, and I want them to see that they are special and come to a different conclusion about themselves. These shirts can be purchased on I am also working on a reality television pilot with my security team. My head of security is also a private investigator, wives hire him to investigate and determine if their husbands are cheating. Sometimes I accompany him on these assignments and we are working on developing the reality show plot around these operations.

RESPECT: Being that you have been in the music industry for a while now. What are your thoughts on the current generation of artists?

I think they are talented in their own way and they are trying to make a living for themselves at the end of the day. We all come from nothing and who am I judge how they are making a living. You might not like the music choice, but the main goal is to be able to support your family and loved ones.

RESPECT: Are there any artists that you would like to work with now?

Migos, Drake, Post Malone to name a few and I like the way they are currently moving right now.

RESPECT: A lot of individuals go through losses. I know you recently lost your mother can you tell us how you are dealing with this loss  Is there advice you would like to share with fans out there who are going through the same thing?

Expecting death comes with life. We always approach things as if we are afraid of death, but when you get older you learn the significance of death.  You as an individual must become one with yourself and accept death is key. I love my mother, but I’m also aware that her legacy lives on through me and I will be in the same position at some point. I must be able to accept it and move forward in a positive way as she would want me to. She will always be with me in my heart, in spirit, and she is never gone you just can’t see her in the physical form. For anyone out there that has had a loss I would say, your loved one would want you to keep going. They continue to live on through you.

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