RESPECT. Interview: B.Y.O.B. as Ghostface Killah’s Cream Capital Preps For ICO

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Cream Capital

Narcis Ciobotariu, CTO of Cream Capital, took some time out of their ICO push to speak with RESPECT. Mag. Cream Capitol is one of the newest prospects on the block chain/cryptocurrency scene. True to new beginnings they are gearing up for an 11/11/2017 initial coin offering (ICO). The founders hope to raise 30 Million Dollars that they will immediately convert into expanding the brick and mortar aspect of their business, ATMs. There are currently 6 ATMs in North Carolina already conducting “quite a high amount of transactions.” It seems like Cream Capital’s founders, Narcis, Brett Westbrook, Manish Patel J.D. and Ghostface Killah are of to a great start. They’re building a system on top of the Ethereum coin market allowing you to BYOB (be your own bank) while “Crypto Rules Everything Around Me.” They’ve even trademarked that phrase, yo.


Let’s address the elephant in the room though. WTF is a block chain? Who the hell is accepting crypto bills? Block chain is basically the correction to that Telephone Game, in code. You know the one where you send a message person to person through whole classroom. The original message gets all misconstrued in transit.


Cream Capital uses the Ethereum blockchain to dead all that. The blockchain maintains open ledgers on all blocks (accounts) through identifiers like timestamps, transaction data & unique pointers to previous transactions. This system basically makes all accounts keep it 100, yes, that “100”.

The idea is to prevent information manipulation. You can’t send the same token (block/data) to multiple parties. Stop tokens from being lost in transit like your details in the Telephone game. This fingerprint over time verifies who has what and secures it. You can read more about the code specs and tech behind the new token on GitHub.

$CREAM, Crypto Rules Everything Around Me, start earning yours now. They longer you hold onto $CASH tokens the more you earn. Most $CREAM is earned not purchased.

$CASH tokens, however, will hold a 1:1 value ratio with the US Dollar. That’s right! That Ciroc bottle service is that same price in dollars as it is in $CASH.

The ICO funds deposited will be used solely for expansion. Money from Cream Cash acquisitions will be fully used to stabilize the price of the token. Let’s say someone decides they don’t want to hold Cream Cash anymore. They just deposit the tokens into the system and recieve the corresponding amount of Ether or another coin. In the near future, even fiat currency cash outs will be possible

When funds are deposited, tokens are created and issued in return. When funds are withdrawn, tokens are destroyed and removed from circulation.

-Cream Capital

Cream Capital’s crypto system will be loaded will deals and incentives. Early movers who hold onto earned $CREAM tokens for a year will get generous discounts on transactions, even 100% reduction in processing fees based on the number of tokens one holds. They will reward accounts for various staking (saving) periods with $CREAM. Consider this like your account earning interest. Actually, its more like dividends. The longer you keep it in your wallet, the more you will earn in the long run, true. You also can earn more $CREAM in the same period of time if Cream Cash is doing well. Savings, holdings, shares, etc. earn and sometimes lose interest over time. $CREAM is Cream Capital’s interest like function that rewards it’s holders with extra value over time.

Eric Butler (RESPECT. Mag): When issued $CREAM what is the conversion ratio to $CASH?

Narcis Ciobotariu: The conversion ratio between $CREAM and $CASH will be determined by the market.

Sounds all good or whatever, but how do you know your $CASH won’t just disappear one day? Each of Cream Capital’s ATMs is an currency exchange for other blockchain currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash and of course Cream Cash. The more people invest, the more secure the investment. That’s not all though. Aside from having solid blockchain technology, Cream Cash is compliant with banking policies in each of the geographic jurisdictions where it’s available.


Cream Capital wants to make their coin appealing to investors and traders looking for long term kick back through payouts working like dividends. Yet, while they incentivize saving to reward holders their long game is focused on becoming your everyday token.

The problem with cryptocurrencies today is that they are used only for trading and speculation and not for buying goods or spending them, this problem will be resolved by Cream Cash

-Narcis Ciobotariu

Something many ICOs haven’t thrived on is making their coins practical in the 3-D world.

Apps can be used to provide similar services as the calling cards or gift cards accept they’re much smarter. Coin apps or ‘smart contracts’ are being written by independent developers for task oriented transactions like property exchanges, payroll, health insurance and airspace leasing. It’s up to the market to define how Cream Cash’s ERC 223 token will be used. Then, write the programs that facilitate this use.

Many of us have families abroad or simply out of state that we send cash to regularly. Send money to your family and friends without paying 20-30% the amount your sending in fees. Why wait days when you can send value painlessly in minutes?

Raising $30,000,000

As Ciobotariu states, Cream Capital is launching a $30,000,000 Initial Coin Offering on November 11, 2017. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. $10,000,000 – Projected funds to launch ATM network in the United States

  2. $10,000,000 – Projected funds to launch ATM network globally

  3. $1,500,000 – Projected funds needed to establish a strong legal framework

  4. $2,500,000 – Projected funds to hire appropriate staff for C-DAX development

  5. $3,000,000 – Projected funds for pure cryptocurrency debit card integration

  6. $3,000,000 – Projected funds to provide liquidity to our exchange/ATM network

-Cream Capital (

During this Pre-ICO & ICO Cream Capital will have 40,000,000 $CREAM tokens for sale. An additional 8,000,000 $CREAM tokens will be reserved for the 4 Founders (6,000,000 $CREAM) and advisers (2,000,000 $CREAM). These 48,000,000 tokens will account for 48% of the total $CREAM available at the initial coin offering in November. The remaining 52% of the $CREAM tokens will start being distributed into the incentivized Cream Cash model.

Blockchain cryptocurrencies are here to stay. National governments like Russia, China, Venezuela and the United States of America have all weighed in with some early opinions. Some already see a day when their currency will be digitized. There is a boom in need for solid developers in blockchain as its implications stretch far beyond currency substitution alone. It also has a way of addressing an immediate need faster & cheaper than our current conventional solutions. Find your space around the blockchain whether you’re a developer, an artist, 9 to 5’er or day trader. Get your coins asap and start earning $CREAM. Be your own bank.

You can follow Cream Capital and the rise of Cream Cash here:

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