VFILES is the Future, Bringing Progressive & Talented Creatives to the Forefront

Vfiles Runway 9/ Press

VFILES stands alone in the world of fashion as a place for young creative minds. Most of all, VFILES is a brand that is changing the norms inside of the fashion industry. Founder Julie Anne Quay — alongside a team of creatives — are here to push the progressive young designer, musician, artist, photographer, stylist and makeup artist forward by giving the creative person a platform to be heard and seen, loud and clear. Since their humble start in 2012, the lovable VFILES brand has done nothing but expand throughout the art and fashion world to ultimately stand tall as a major contender.

From New York City, VFILES shines bright as a storefront in the middle of Soho that anyone can go check out. They take things a step further by offering followers of the company more than just a storefront, helping the company progress as a go-to place for rising talent, having helped to establish artists such as Justin Bieber, Migos and Lil Yachty (just to name a few), holding the transcending brand in high regard.

VFILES Pass The Aux / Photo credit: Kydale

One major detail I’ve noticed about the VFILES brand is how close their connection has grown with their die hard followers throughout the years. They’ve given many rising artists and creatives a ground floor by motivating them to move forward and build a following. For example, one event includes their popular musical showcase ‘Pass The Aux’ (which allows musicians to come perform their songs in front of VFILES staff, record execs and other on-hand musicians while being broadcast to the whole VFILES online community via live stream. Overall, this is a big boost for any inspiring artist looking to blossom.

Metro Boomin & Benzo Cheung at Metro Boomin pop up at Vfiles: Photo credit: Chloe Snower

The fun doesn’t stop there: VFILES has also curated another showcase that is focused on up-and-coming designers, allowing them to come and sell items in the store. I’ve never heard of a brand with so much acclaim…adding in how welcoming they are to their followers, this alone is a major key that helps VFILES grow while giving back to the people. Not only does VFILES let up-and-comers sell in the shop, they also use the same technique with established brands and artists; as of recently, VFILES connected with Converse and super producer Metro Boomin to have two special pop up shop events.

VFILES Runway 9 video courtesy of FF.com

Lastly, the company’s most prestigious event, VFILES Runway, has truly been one of their more successful curated events as it stands alone when it comes to helping an up and comers in the fashion world. This past week, VFILES celebrated another one of these events (the ninth one thus far) with designers Louis Pileggi, Christian Stone, JunJie Yang and INXX, giving everyone in attendance (and viewing the aforementioned live stream) with a look into the future of fashion. VFILES Runway 9 was a star-studded event that brought together many different backgrounds: legendary rapper Slick Rick, Dapper Dan, and Offset from The Migos were just some of the big names in the building.

All in all, VFILES is moving at a pace that many should follow, with the youth behind them (as well as a big part of them). We all should look forward to seeing this company around for awhile.

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