VA’s NoFace, Rapper Motivates Others to ‘Never Fear Rejection’

Photo Credit: NoFace, Rapper

If you aren’t already hip to the Virginia music scene here is a great start. Virginia’s very own NoFace, Rapper has been hard at work putting together a project with true meaning and value. The MC has finally dropped his highly anticipated Never Fear Rejection EP. The project consisting of 6 tracks is an emotional culmination of what has occurred in the past 8 months since the release of his Wintercoat EP. After receiving responses he wasn’t happy with, NoFace decided to head back to the drawing board and make music that truly speaks to him and others.

The 27-year-old crafted a project that is a reminder to himself and others to maintain a high level of self awareness and to define their own meaning of success. NoFace, Rapper uses unpredictable production and quality rhymes to express his perspective on life and emotion as best as he knows in order to relate to the everyday human being. Stream his new project here or check it out on Soundcloud below. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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