Scoop B: Global Force Wrestling’s Jeff Jarrett Places The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler On His Wrestling Mount Rushmore

WWE legend Jeff Jarrett and sports and entertainment journalist Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Photo Credit: The Scoop B Brand

News out of the wrestling world is that Jeff Jarrett has stepped down as Global Force Wrestling’s Chief Creative Officer. A release statement indicates that Jarrett is taking an “indefinite leave of absence” because he needed to take care of ‘personal issues.’

Jeff Jarrett Names His Top 5 Wrestlers To Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson On Scoop B Radio

As per Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso the promotion’s owners may be looking to sell and he claims that GFW is “haemorrhaging funds,” with its parent company, Anthem looking to leave the wrestling business.

Nevertheless, Jarrett is a legend in wrestling as both a promoter and a wrestler. Jarrett had four reigns as WCW World Heavyweight Champion and six as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

In a recent interview, I sat down with the student of the wrestling game and Jarrett shared with me some of his favorites in wrestling. “Fabulous Jackie Fargo is one of the guys I was raised on,” Jeff Jarrett told me on Scoop B Radio. “He was strutting long before Flair was and certainly myself. He was somebody who sold out The Garden many times. I’m going way back.”

Added Jarrett:

“Jerry The King Lawler is a guy that in his hey day… his believability, his authenticity, his realism… he taught me so much,” said Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett and Shawn Michaels. Photo Courtesy of YouTube

The Heartbreak Kid is on Jeff Jarrett’s list too:

“Shawn Michaels is a guy that I got to have many matches with,” Jeff Jarrett told Scoop B Radio. “But when you look on his body of work over the years, you have to put him if not at the very top, certainly up there at the top.

Kurt Angle also makes the cut:

“You got to go with a guy who I had the fortunate… or unfortunate, because he beat the hell out of me, Kurt Angle,” Jeff Jarrett said. “Olympic gold medalist and Kurt came on to the scene and really…a lot of amateur wrestlers in our business don’t quite get how to make that transition and I believe yes, Kurt won the worlds and he won the gold and he did almost everything you could possibly do as an amateur wrestler…the professional wrestler he became just off the charts good.”


The Undertaker and Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love. Photo Credit: The Wrap

The Dead Man also makes the cut:

“I knew this guy when he broke in down in Texas,” said Jeff Jarrett. “He worked in Tennessee and then he went to WCW. When you take a step back and really look at the big man in this business. You almost have to say Undertaker. Andre the Giant, great big man, Great Giant Stud, but when you look at Taker’s…the dude was main eventing Wrestlemanias in the 80s. Mark [Calloway]  I don’t think is a big man. He has no peers.”





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