RESPECT. Premiere: TopAngel & Taylor Weeze – “New Wave”


Photo by Milton Amaya

When it comes to different styles and lyrical deliveries, Las Vegas is still looking for it’s signature sound. With the city still in it’s infancy in terms of it’s relationship with the world’s most popular genre, it’s easy to see why the search has taken longer than some would have liked. That’s not to say that Sin City hasn’t had signature artists — think Dizzy Wright and Ne-Yo — but as far as a defined sound that differentiates it from other cities, it’s not quite there yet. One person with a direct focus on changing that is California transplant, TopAngel. With a production team that serves up vibes that could be likened to the ambient Toronto sound with more of a flare that feels like Vegas, Top comes with the new track, “New Wave” featuring Taylor Weez.

Set to the tone of grimy production from Ayce Lion, “New Wave” is a dark track with plenty of vulnerability, though beyond the surface. While Top gets thinks kicking with a scathing introduction, newcomer Taylor Weeze absolutely cleans up the mess Top leaves with a closing verse that serves as a great first impression. When speaking on the song, Top said, “It was actually the last song we made, it came out of our last session for the project. We had listened to the full thing and we decided we needed another to cap it off. Ayce started building the track and we just vibed out.”

Citing a potential hit on his hands, Top decided to do the whole EP with this group. “With this project coming, it’s a joint EP to show the diversity that I felt Weez brought out of myself,” the Vegas rep said, “Needless to say, T.O.P. is the wave and the people can expect to hear consistently solid records from us from here on out.”

Check out the premiere for, “New Wave” below and get hip to T.O.P.