RESPECT. Interview: South Bronx Native MoneySignHines

South Bronx native MoneySignHines is certainly an artist on the rise. His unique and soulful sound allows you to take a brief walk into his mental space, taking listeners on a trip through his past and present. In his latest EP entitled The Black James Bond, the 25-year-old hit-maker shares “a snapshot of the ghetto from the lens of a king” as he puts it, really painting a clear image of his experiences.

Lucky for me, I was able to interview the rising rapper about not only his latest project, but about his music journey as a whole. Check it out below.

RESPECT.: What was your top track on the EP and what does it mean to you?

MoneySignHines: “Ain’t Easy” is the stand out song off the EP. “Ain’t Easy” is a song that represents every individual in the ghetto going through trials and tribulations and overcoming a multitude of obstacles just to survive. This song means the world to me because it is important for the culture of hip-hop music and our generation.

RESPECT.: How long did it take to complete the project and what producers assisted you?

MoneySignHines: The Black James Bond EP took about one month, producers on the project are Yondo, No ID Lab and G. Basqui.

RESPECT.: So far, what has been your biggest success?

MoneySignHines: So far, my biggest success is finding myself within music, creating a lane and a sound that other artists do not have. From this success, I learned to continue to master self and everything else will fall into place. The greater your strive to be, the easier it becomes to reflect that change into music.

RESPECT.: And biggest failure?

MoneySignHines: My biggest failure when I first started creating music was wanting everybody to like me and my music. As well as valuing personal opinions. I learned that everybody is not going to like or appreciate what you do. As a result, express yourself the way you want without a care in the world.

RESPECT.: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

MoneySignHines: In 5 years, I just want to be alive. Although it is great to speak this into existence, life isn’t promised and I never take that for granted. As for now, I just live in the moment, the present, and take life day-by-day, step-by-step.

Shout out to RESPECT. Magazine for putting this [interview] together, as well as my team ASR and 3hirdworld


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