Get Familiar With Short Moscato on His New LP & More

Short Moscato
Buffalo, NY’s Short Moscato is back with his sophomore project “My First Pair of Slippers.” The 11-track effort features Billie EsscoHOP HOPLittle Cake and Illusive; with production from WzaS’likedatSchemeVice VersaProgram and more. “My First Pair of Slippers” is a coming-of-age album that showcases Short as an artist who is comfortable in his own skin; comfortable being true to himself and his art. The album is dedicated to his mother and godmother, who is currently battling ALS. Check out the LP and an exclusive Q&A below.

RESPECT: When did you decide to pursue a career in Hip-Hop?

Short: “I decided to give music all i had as soon as I graduated college. I was done playing ball, done sitting in class, done with all that. I was ready to explore my passion and chase my dreams. I haven’t looked back.”
RESPECT: Describe the Hip-Hop scene in Buffalo. Did you have other local talent that you collaborated with or inspired you?
Short: “I love buffalo artists, man. We’re all over-looked and we’re all dope as fuck. We have a chip on our shoulder and a wide range of styles and soundscapes. As far as local artists go, Wza and Illusive (the other two artists in my group ’14 trapdoors’) inspire me every single day to be great.”
RESPECT: What do you feel is missing today in Hip-Hop? If you could change one thing what would it be?
Short: “Nothing, hip-hop is perfect. Every type, every sub-genre.”
RESPECT: You’ve been putting a lot of music out online, what can fans expect approaching 2018 from you?
Short: “MORE MUSIC ONLINE! haha, Nah but for real.”
RESPECT: This will be your first time at A3C performing, what stage can fans find you?
Short: “The official showcase I am involved in is Friday night, October 6th at the Mammal Gallery, Upstairs (91 Broad St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303) from 8pm-2am. Planning on booking more sets and pop-ups throughout the festival as well.”
RESPECT: Any final thoughts you’d like to leave RESPECT readers with?
Short: “If you like brutally honest art in the form of lyrical hip-hop bangers, fuck with me. Thank you for your time.”
Listen to My First Pair of Slippers below and feel free to drop us a comment!

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