RESPECT. Interview: Joe FreshGoods Discusses DBM Clothing & More At NYC Pop-Up

Joe FreshGoods At His Pop-Up In NYC. Image Credit: Ayana Rashed for RESPECT. Mag

Chicago bred, Joe Freshgoods brought his fashion and “Don’t Be Mad” brand to his NYC pop-up on 160 Orchard St. He’s the owner of Fat Tiger Workshop and the founder of DBM clothing. Also a creative mind and entrepreneur who continues to push the envelope in black culture and streetwear. He discussed a vary of topics including upcoming projects, his favorite artist in the Chi, and plans of opening a store in NYC. He tells us about the Chicago scene that no one talks about and why he want’s kids to know they can do it too.

Let’s get into the interview below.

RESPECT.: Introduce yourself.

I’m Joe Freshgoods. I’m an entrepreneur, innovator, idealist and I own Fat Tiger Workshop in Chicago and I own DBM that’s one of my brands. I’m just in black culture and street-wear right now.


RESPECT.: What does it mean to bring this pop-up to NYC?


It means a lot to bring the pop-up to NY. New York is such a big body of people in fashion and NY is one of those cities if you can make it in NY you can technically make it anywhere. I’m so Chicago, my brand is based in Chicago and I’m from Chicago and it’s just one of those things where I just wanted to see if I could make it crack in New York and do my thing.


RESPECT.: What is your favorite piece from the collection right now?

I think its the address logo t-shirt, one of my dreams was to kind of have like a New York t-shirt. I know I’m from Chicago though, but I wanted to have a t-shirt in collaboration to the address I’m at. I think that’s kind of dope. So I just wanted to document a point of time where I was big enough to come to New York. 160 Orchard St kind of dope. So that’s my favorite t-shirt the logo t-shirt.


RESPECT.: Are their any upcoming pieces releasing soon?

I’m officially dropping the chucks that I’m doing, I’m dropping those in a few weeks. I kind of debuted them in New York. I just sold a few pairs down here. I have my new Fall DBM dropping in a few. I have a few collabs with Nike dropping, I got a lot of stuff in the works so I’m just trying to get prepared with all that.


Joe Freshgoods NYC Pop-Up Image Credit: Ayana Rashed for RESPECT. Mag

RESPECT.: Do you have future plans of opening a store in NYC permanently?

Yes this kind of gave me the extra motivation. I was unsure if people was gone mess with me like this. I think I want a seasonal store, so It’s not official yet. I think in the long-run you’ll catch me out here starting early 2019.


RESPECT.: Do you have a favorite album currently?

Daniel Casear album.


“I think overall in Chicago it’s just a lot of us kinda starting our own correlation and just like doing things to inspire the kids lowkey without all the media. “


RESPECT.: Being from Chicago what is your take on the violence?

I think right now Chicago is glorified in the media with the crazy violence we have. I think overall we have a big art scene and we have a lot of people like rappers, artist, people like me into clothes, into food and a lot of colors. So I think right now it’s all about attacking the culture from a let’s do it ourselves point of view. We got Chance we got me, Vic Mensa a lot of us are doing things for our communities. Because we know the kids look up to us, you really can’t go into a spot like a suit and tie dude. These kids want to listen to people that look like them. I think that’s why a lot of us have decided to stay in Chicago. I probably could’ve been in New York and LA sooner than that. But I decided to do a pop-up to push Chicago as much as possible to show kids you can do it to. Its one of those things I didn’t really come from really good beginnings. I traveled the world, I’m an entrepreneur but I’m from the hood. I just want these kids to know they can do it too. I think overall in Chicago it’s just a lot of us kinda starting our own correlation and just like doing things to inspire the kids lowkey without all the media. I have a whole classroom in my store, so we just doing our little small things.


RESPECT.: Name your Top 5 favorite artist from out of Chicago.

That’s super hard because I’m like all these guys are my friends if I name a Top 5 I might forget somebody. But, Smino, Chance, Vic Mensa, Lucky X, all of Savemoney, Joey Purp all these guys from Chicago. I love them like they my little brothers. Z-Money, G-Herbo I can keep going on and on it’s hard to put them in a top 5, I think  everybody is good at what they good at. Right now I’m currently like playing a lot of Herb my ish right now is googling herb freestyles. I think Chicago is super big right now with talent.


RESPECT.: What are your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick?

I think Colin has been treated super unfair, I think a lot of NFL teams don’t want that media. They’re putting aside his talents and I think that’s a bad sign. I think with everything I do I want to show freedom of speech. He’s not doing nothing but voicing his opinion, I think it’s the question of is he a good athlete or can he perform for a NFL team after this? I still think he can. It’s kind of difficult because I’m working with the NFL with a lot of little projects or whatever. I do think its unfair how some people are treating Colin but you know I just want to push freedom of speech more. I think what he’s doing is great and I hope an NFL team pick him up.



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