A Genius And RESPECT. Connection: Our Review of the First Annual IQ/BBQ

Photo Credit: IkeAbakah

Over the weekend, Genius held a special event that brought together many different artists and fans under one roof to celebrate the Hip-Hop culture that we all love and live by. IQ/BBQ — hosted by Genius — invited RESPECT. Magazine to come be on hand for this event, encouraging attendees to have a good time, enjoy BBQ and test your Hip-Hop knowledge in exchange for some special prizes. Ultimately, this would lead up to a list of live performances that went on throughout the night that everyone at this event seemed to enjoy. Below, I have gathered my thoughts to explain the experience for some that might have not had the chance to witness this event; enjoy reading below.

Starting off the night was up-and-coming rapper Rico Nasty, who is growing quickly on and off the internet with her catchy sound. Without a doubt, this artist has flow and star power, as she proved on stage while the Brooklyn crowd embraced her fully. For me as a new follower of her music, I was highly excited to see this artist perform and Rico definitely set the bar for the rest to follow as she went through songs from her debut project Tales of Tacobella. Overall, I honestly enjoyed her performance and look forward to seeing more of Rico Nasty.

Photo Credit : IkeAbakah

Following Rico’s performance, I had the chance of seeing Ski Mask The Slump God. I’m not a stranger to a Ski Mask performance; this is my second time getting to see this Floridian rising artist on stage. Just like was I witnessed previously, Slump puts out 100 percent as he feeds off the crowd, taking his energy higher and higher. Overall, this performance worked well and was energy packed all the way through…Slump gave the people exactly what they wanted, from a mosh pit to having the crowd pick out which songs to perform. Truly, I would give Slump God the title of being a true crowd pleaser.

Next up to grace the stage was Atlanta producer-emcee Sonny Digital, along with some of his friends. This talented artist did it all, from rapping to controlling the crowd by going through his long list of hits that he produced for some of the most talented emcees in Hip-Hop right now. He even gave out a birthday cake to a special attendee, something that I never thought I would ever see in my life; truly was a moment that I had to capture for everyone to see.

Out of Detroit, Dej Loaf graced the stage in all out style for everyone in attendance, bringing nothing but energy. She started off her set with the song “Bird Call” from her 2014 mixtape Sell Sole. Dej didn’t have any trouble getting the crowd into her performance, as she controlled the vibes with ease, displaying her true star power while she went through via her list of songs that the crowd sang along with. That led up to the emcee performing her breakout single “Try Me” followed by her new single “No Fear.” And just like that, Dej Loaf was off to shut down another venue.

Photo Credit: IkeAbakah

Adding to the vibe, Bronx golden boy Artist aka A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie hit the stage to perform his hits and Brooklyn did everything and more showing love to the NYC artist. Standing alone on stage (save for his DJ in the background), A Boogie gave the people song after song while the screams grew for this Bronx emcee. Boogie didn’t lose a step throughout, pulling off a perfect show for his home base area while showing visitors of NYC how it goes down in the city. From his old songs to new songs, the crowd sang along, getting louder and louder…for me, this was one of my favorite performances of the night. With that said, if you have a chance to catch this artist perform, make sure you don’t miss it.

To end this wonderful night in Brooklyn, it was only right that Hip-Hop veteran Pusha T would send everyone out with the last performance of the night, and it was an honor to see this legendary artist perform. As I waited with the rest of the crowd, I wondered what I was in store for, and honestly the G.O.O.D. Music artist-executive didn’t disappoint.

Final thought: this was a perfect night of BBQ mixed with trivia and Hip-Hop performances, making for a perfect Saturday night in NYC.

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