Coney Island Stylin: Here’s Why Stephon Marbury’s NBA Comeback Attempt Is Important

Before there was a “Born Ready“, there was a guy other than Allen Iverson, who quietly transcended the process of creating a killer crossover between hip hop and basketball. Not only did you see him become an prototype of representing “the mecca of basketball,” he made sure the youth was prepared to embark on a journey to become the next hoops prodigy after his time was up. Coming up with affordable kicks to hoop in, he was your working class hero for the streets. If you guess “Jesus Shuttlesworth,” then you over watched the Spike Lee hoops classic. Ladies and gents, hoop prodigies and eye witnesses, let’s focus your radar on Brooklyn’s hoops Robin Hood known as Stephon Marbury.

Recently, the Point God known as “Starbury” took to social media when he announced that he is planning to play his final season of professional basketball by attempting an comeback into the NBA. Out of the league since 2009, Stephon was able to find major iconic success over in the Great Walls of China. The amount of success, appreciation, recognition and fame he gained over there was similar as Michael Jordan returning to the league as an Washington Wizards. Years after dealing with scrutiny, critics obliterating his name to the point where he was seen on camera eating Vaseline as a cry for help with his battle against depression, China was the perfect destination for hoops resurrection and character enhancement for #3.

It wasn’t until he became a member of the Beijing Ducks where Marbury’s status elevated from legendary to godly. In his first season, he led the Ducks to the franchise first ever Chinese Basketball Association title where they upset perennial powerhouse and 7 time CBA champions Guangdong Southern Tigers. The next 2 seasons, Marbury was able to add 2 more rings to his resume while receiving the honor to have a statue of himself being built outside of the MasterCard Arena in Beijing.

As Starbury eyes an return to the league, it’s time that the OG’s should hand out history lessons to young hoop fans on one of NYC’s greatest high school and streetball legends of all time. Before the shooting sensation Steph Curry, or the athletic, quick and shifty point guards such as Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, there was a kid from Coney Island who rock a part in the middle of his hair that brought fear to defenders since the young age of 14. Now at age 40, with one more season left to brush up his skills at the CBA, Marbury is on a mission and that is to prove that he still got it and most importantly, he’s happier than ever. On the day he was honored with a statue, he told the Chinese media that his life and success was credited to the Chinese culture consisting of “love, compassion, and care”. Steph is ready to show the young bloods that same recipe of success to the new generation of guards who may be sleeping on him. NBA franchises, if you looking for an wise vet, look no further. Take your pens and papers out young hoopers. Class is about to be in session and your first lesson is called Coney Island Stylin 101: the art of being an floor general by none other by the Brooklyn OG.

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