Scoop B Selects: Dr. Alicia Cain’s Miss Sis Magazine

Miss Siss Magazine. Photo Courtesy of Twitter

A female of true integrity, Dr. Alicia Cain has set out to empower young women through her magazine, Miss Sis Magazine. A Hollywood-based physician, who was born and raised in New York City, plans to utilize her expertise in many aspects of life for the betterment of the magazine. When asked the reasoning behind creating Miss Sis Magazine, which targets young African-American women, she recalls how her daughter didn’t have many resources from the editorial world. Aspiring to create more diversity in the editorial industry, Dr. Cain’s mission was to create a positive magazine to help guide the young women who found themselves in the same predicament as her daughter. Though Miss Sis Magazine wasn’t Dr. Cain’s first published magazine, she has set the tone for fellow publishers to follow, as she truly embodies women empowerment, and reflects it as so in her magazine.
At the inception of Miss Sis Magazine, Dr. Cain was pleased to see how well-received it was by young women across the country. Though her initial inspiration derived from her mission to educate young, African-American women, she was surprised at how many women from various ethnic backgrounds clung to the magazine. Miss Sis Magazine’s earliest subscribers were parents, who graciously utilized the helpful tips set forth in the articles. And, on the topic of articles, Miss Sis Magazine is blessed with such a vast array of writers, who specialize in fashion, beauty, health and more. And, in the midst of writing her own articles for Miss Sis, Dr. Cain edits every single article before it goes to print. “Miss Sis Magazine is a platform for artists,” said Dr. Cain. “We give writers, photographers, designers, stylists, make-up artists and models the chance to be published.”
After recently crossing over into the digital distribution side, Miss Sis Magazine continues to garner such a large following and widespread readership. The “unratchet magazine” has also begun featuring an increasing number of male models, which- of course- is an instant hit among her female readers. Miss Sis Magazine has 31 issues to date, and only continues to keep growing day to day.  The magazine provides its readers an overall fun experience through its fashion, beauty and lifestyle editorials.
Currently, Miss Sis Magazine is offering a can’t-miss promotion! For the low price of $9.99, readers can purchase a yearlong digital subscription (12 issues) to Miss Sis Magazine. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Miss Sis Magazine is also in search of its next centerfold, which readers definitely do not want to miss out on.
Along with the magazine’s overall mission, in which it continuously accomplishes through its success, Dr. Cain has such sound advice to her readers. “Though you are what you see, you are also what you don’t see,” said Dr. Cain. As a Miss Sis Magazine reader, you learn the art of its tagline: “Read it. Love it. Embrace it. It’s So You!”
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