Glitter & Diamond Events’ Let It Go Empowerment Brunch A Hit At New Jersey’s Maplewood Tennis Club

Photo Credit: Brandon Robinson

Photo Credit: Eric Salvary

Forgiveness, battling the ability to compare, fear of missing out and having the courage to begin a project and see it to completion are all things folks battle daily. Nicole Bradley and Leslie Boles, owners of Glitter and Diamond Events, a full service NJ-based event planning company that specializes in customized dessert tables, floral center-pieces, backdrops, room setup and event design recently powered their Let It Go Empowerment Brunch at Maplewood Tennis Club in Maplewood, New Jersey.

The event, billed as Brunching With A Purpose, was hosted by RESPECT Magazine’s managing editor and columnist, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson was decked out with mimosas, chicken and waffles and a donut bar.

Additionally, the spacious and decked out room was filled with men and women dressed in white who were treated to the insight of two guest speakers: Wrathell Gause, a New Jersey based Life & Relationship Coach and Vonetta Reeves, an educator and founder of Musuyanama, a women support group.

“The event was needed for people who were looking for a fun, motivating environment to let go of people, places and things that may be holding them back from being the best versions of themselves, said Glitter & Diamond’s Nicole Bradley.

Bradley, who by day serves as a TV Account Executive at Bounce TV sees the big picture with the day: “The event was so important because emotional and mental health are very important factors in living healthy and happy lives.”

Worth mentioning, the event had a business spotlight which showcased local business such as:

  • Like No Other Catering: Owners:  Kyle & Nicole Jones

  • Beauty & The Chic & Closet Chic Boutique- Hair Salon and Clothing Boutique Owner: Chyreise Lambert.

  • Cakeaholic Obsession & Behind the Obsession Podcast and its Owner: Julie Wharton-Johnson.

  • Sheila A. Jackson Foundation and their Non-Profit Founder, Amina Owens.

“The event was a success because it zeroed in on the importance of celebrating  freedom. “It created an empowering environment for our attendees to be vulnerable, open and to simply let it all go,” Glitter and Diamond Events’ Leslie Boles tells RESPECT.

Boles, a Compliance-Audit Manager at Saint Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ by day was pleased.  “An event like this was needed because it allowed the world to see that you can be honest and share your weaknesses in a room full of strangers without judgement.”

Glitter & Diamond Events, LLC, is a full-service NJ-based event planning company serving NY/NJ metro-area clients. The company offers customized packages that cater to all styles and budgets. For more information email:

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