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Faincarter is an all around musician from Indianapolis, Indiana. Not only does Faincarter record and perform every track that he dropped thus far, but he is an instrumentalist who gets down on the guitar and keys. Faincarter isn’t your typical artist; he literally goes through his grandfather’s record collection searching for records to sample. When Faincarter gets in his music making zone, he always strives to do things differently from the norm especially when he is working with such classic and heartfelt samples.

Faincarter has been gaining an abundant amount of fans on SoundCloud from two sampled tracks that he produced and wrote titled “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Sky High”. These sampled tracks are getting positive feedback from those who grew up in the era of the original songs and also the crowd in today’s new generation.

“Never Can Say Goodbye” is a song by Faincarter that was sampled from The Jackson 5’s hit classic from 1971 called “Never Can Say Goodbye”. The original song by The Jackson 5 was definitely a Top 10 hit. Faincarter knew that he was going to remake this classic when everything leading up to it was inspirational and fell into place. Faincarter was driving home one night thinking about a woman who he was really digging and how he didn’t want to say goodbye every time he dropped her off. During his car ride on this very night, he was listening to SiriusXM and ironically heard the very young Michael Jackson singing on “Never Can Say Goodbye”. Faincarter felt very connected to this song given the feelings that he was experiencing at that moment. Later that night, Faincarter started the creative production process of his remake of the classic. He chopped samples of the percussions in the beginning of “Rapper’s Delight” and used that as the base for the beat. Then, he added the other sounds with The Jackson Five/Michael Jackson sample from the original “Never Can Say Goodbye”. Once he had the beat down packed, the versus came naturally to him. Faincarter uploaded his sampled song to SoundCloud and it quickly generated several thousand plays. Also, many blog sites picked up the track and reviewed it.

Faincarter’s other sampled song is called “Sky High” and the song is sampled from “One Of These Nights” by The Eagles. Faincarter was always familiar with The Eagles but when he heard the song “One Of These Nights”, he didn’t know it was by The Eagles until he verified it on the app Shazam. “One Of These Nights” is a Top 10 classic hit by The Eagles from 1975. Anyone who knows and loves real music gets positive vibes from this jam. Faincarter immediately bought “One Of These Nights” on iTunes and began chopping the song up and laying the foundation down for “Sky High”. During this period, Faincarter felt like his music needed some new direction and it needed to take off. He used the words “take off” to put some pep in his step, which inspired him to create the beat. The beat came about because he wanted to “take off” in a “sky high” manner, hence his song title “Sky High”. When the song was a completed masterpiece, Faincarter posted it on SoundCloud where it really popped off. He was excited and overwhelmed with all the motivational feedback that he received. Many blogs also picked up the song, just like they picked up “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

“As far as gear, I keep it simple,” Faincarter told RESPECT Mag. “It consists of my laptop, midi keyboard, interface and condenser mic. I also been playing around with a Korg padKONTROL midi controller.”


Faincarter added:

“Most of the beats I rap on will be based off midi samples, sometimes I chop sounds out of songs or create sounds recorded through the mic, whether its hitting a glass cup, pot or pan etc. I also use Native Instruments plugins like Kontakt, Battery, Massive etc. As far as guitar, I am either recording with my Gibson SG, or Fender Telecaster through my Blackstar Ht Stage 60. When mixing, I use wave plugins and stock plugins in Logic Pro X. With sampling, its all about being creative. I like to take vintage vinyls and run the record player through my MacBook which is a process within itself. A lot of the good songs to sample you have to dig and search antique shops, garage sales or your grandparents belongings. When my grandfather passed away in 2016, he had plenty of jazz and soul albums I’ve never heard of which was passed on to me.” 


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