Scoop B: From Radio in Raleigh, NC to Co-Hosting With DJ Khaled, Miami Radio Personality K. Foxx Is Enjoying The Ride at iHeart Radio’s 103.5 The Beat

Miami, Florida radio personality K. Foxx checks in with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson on Scoop B Radio. Photo Credit: Eric Salvary, Scoop Vision Media

K. Foxx is the doing her thing as talent on Miami’s 103.5 The Beat, part of iHeart media’s family of networks.

Foxx got her start at WQOK in Raleigh, North Carolina, moved to Miami and actually hosted a radio show with DJ Khaled.

In between her busy schedule, the New York native chatted with me on Scoop B Radio about her journey.

Being in the south, ya gotta wonder:  does K. Foxx miss New York?  “I miss New York for the energy,” K. Foxx told me on Scoop B Radio. 

Check out K. Foxx and Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson on Scoop B Radio

K.Foxx added:

“You know, culturally I grew up as an arts baby. So I was acting and dancing and singing and I love it for that, you know what I mean? But then as I got older and I moved to North Carolina I kinda calmed down; the new Yorker in me, the rage in me calmed down. And then I was able to sleep in silence, as opposed to thinking that people were coming to get me when it was quiet outside. So I’m like: ‘okay this is cool I like fresh air.’ I like getting in the car and driving now, as opposed to just hopping on the train, you know with all types of stuff that could pop off in any second. But I miss new York for the culture and for the hustle attitude, the nonstop. But then I also like my quality of life in Miami, I like waking up to the ocean.”

Sounds like she’s living good, made the right decision, a businees decision and she’s blessed!


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