Joy Crookes Unlocks Soul, Class on ‘Influence’

Joy Crookes

Credit: Joy Crookes (@JoyCrookes)

Rising singer Joy Crookes makes R&B look easy on her debut EP Influence.

The project, available now, is a fine 5-track variety from the British singer. The project is a mix of already released singles along with new cuts which provide crystallized vocals, unionized instrumentals and pure delivery.

The EP clocks in under 20 minutes but it’s jam-packed with all the necessities R&B fans desire.

On Influence‘s first track, “Sinatra,” Crookes crooning crashes like a wave against the airy and wavy beat accompanying her. Along with a catchy hook (“and the rain keeps falling to your sound”), her backing progresses in a classical and beautified manner before the song’s close.

Crookes weighs multiple soulful scales to perfection, also, crafting tracks that bop and others that peacefully drive. “Bad Feeling,” complete with bells and strums, sees the singer drum up her uncertainties with a style a la Winehouse. Furthermore, tracks such as “New Manhattan” breach areas of classiness and orchestration¬†that the singer finely nestles herself inside.

On cuts like “Mother May I Sleep With Danger?” and “Power,” the singer wrestles with beats through the softness of her voice all while touching on complex themes of love and womanhood.

It seems like Crookes is here to stay, so if you’re looking for a new fix of soul,¬†Influence is definitely the wave your ears should surf.

Check out the EP below and if you’re overseas, see the singer perform tomorrow,¬†July 26, at London’s Corsica Studios.

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