Class Is In Session: Meet Hip Hop’s Newest Professor

The credibility of the new generation of hip hop music has always been a debate amongst hip hop lovers, and probably always will be. Many older heads consider the new generation to be ignorant about the origin of hip hop and the legends that came before them. Or, they just don’t think the music is of good quality. Either way, the two eras may never see eye to eye.

When it comes to educating the newcomers, tri-state NYC native Tamal is taking matters into his own hands. It started when his personal Instagram quickly gained momentum due to his opinionated videos and memes. People gravitated toward Tamal’s personality and his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. He quickly became known for “keeping it 100” with his followers. The page focused on all aspects of hip hop culture (old and new), clever memes, and the everyday antics he sees around Philly and Pittsburgh. As the posts gained attention, people were requesting more. As he noticed the hype increasing, Tamal couldn’t deny that this was the start of something much bigger than social media.

Fast forward to March 2017. During one of his live IG shows, Tamal met his soon-to-be partner, Staten Island native, Eric Velasquez (EROC). EROC was well connected in the NYC hip hop scene, and started his own radio station back in 2012, but a few years later decided to take a hiatus from the station and pursue other goals. After a few organic meetings, the two decided to work together and in May 2017 was reborn. is an independent online station that plays real, authentic hip hop from all eras, 90’s, 80’s, new, old, independent, everything. “As long as it’s dope, we play it.” According to Tamal, is meant for lovers of REAL hip hop. “You won’t find any of the watered down shit here.” In addition to the music, the station will also host Tamal’s show, DJ mix shows, and interviews with artists.

For Tamal, it’s never been about the followers, but about sharing information and preserving what he calls, “hip hop integrity.” The page has been so successful because it is unique and genuine. After quickly gaining over 7,000 followers in a little under 9 months, it’s evident that CTC is not going anywhere anytime soon. “Carrying the culture and are about the real shit, no compromises.”

Check out Tamal’s IG and Carrying the Culture here:




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