Chance The Rapper Drops “Big B’s” with Young Thug, Saves Soundcloud in The Process

Chance The Rapper

Image credit: Chance The Rapper

A lot of things have happened in the world of Soundcloud artists over the last couple of days. First, various reports claimed that the streaming network didn’t even have enough cash to make it to the fourth quarter of 2017 (they denied this), something that’s only fueled the rumors of a possible demise post-layoffs.

Then, out of nowhere, Chicago emcee Chance The Rapper decided he was going to step in and save the day, according to his social media:

No word on exactly what that phone call entailed (or what he’s going to do from a financial standpoint), but it’s all been capped with some new music — below lies Chance’s latest track (and Soundcloud exclusive) “Big B’s,” which features Young Thug. Hopefully there’s a lot more where this awesomeness came from.

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