Scoop B: Madame Noire’s Brande Victorian Gives Nutrition Tips For People On The Go

Madame Noire’s Brande Victorian. Photo Credit: Instagram

Brande Victorian is on the rise. 

A managing editor at Moguldom Media’s Madame Noire and creator of,  the Toledo, Ohio native has the pulse on what it is to be a millennial in New York City. Additionally, Victorian, 32, is a lightning rod as the voice for contemporary issues of black women, appearing as an expert via The Grio and PIX 11 Morning News.


It doesn’t end there; she’s cultured and hip. Victorian is also a provocateur to the latest and greatest in MAC makeup and when it comes to her knowledge of sports, she’s getting the hang of the difference between an offensive foul and defensive foul in basketball!

She’s learning!

Honestly, what’s more inspiring about Victorian, is her candid dialogue about her health and weight loss journey.

Victorian, at one time, lost more than 90 pounds through a strict diet and workout program. Many are watching. In high demand, Victorian’s balance of journalistic excellence and self-care can be a hassle, but she handles it quite well.

After returning from a recent trip to South Africa, Victorian has embarked on a 90-Day Transformation. This regimine has motivated her followers and she’s journaled about it via her Be-Enough website, an extension to her growing brand!  

Working out is great, but it’s the diet that is just as important. To that we turn to, what else? Scoop B Radio. Being in a car, riding the NYC train and jumping on the  plane, Victorian is always on the go!

Check Out Brande Victorian & Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson‘s Diet Chat via Scoop B Radio

How the heck do you do it, girl?

“I always say prep something,” Brande Victorian told me on Scoop B Radio. “Things like protein bars are easy to pick up. Quest is a good brand for that. You know, you can pack that with you or pack some nuts something like that, make a sandwich wrap like grilled chicken, four ounces, some lettuce, a tortilla you don’t need to heat that up and just keep that with you..”

You’re preaching B.Vic. Keep going! The strategy, according to Victorian is wise choices. “You know you’re going to need to eat that, but also I mean when I would buy food I would just pick up a salad,” she said.

“When you go to salad bars you can choose what you put into that so don’t get a hunk of cheese or a lot of dressing go for a balsamic vinaigrette something like that’s going to be light. Pick chicken put more vegetables as your toppings and things like that, but that’s an easy thing to do and I do think that a lot of restaurants now will give you their calorie intake. But even Subway now is always a good choice it’s low fat, you know you kind of have to watch the carbs with their bread but there are options out there but you know places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Chipotle are not the place.”

Nuff said!

With wise words, a steady work regimine and quality body of work, Victorian is going places. Keep an eye out!  


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