RESPECT. The Track: Kiari The Stone – “Wrong Reasons (Prod. By Blair Norf)”


Photo Credit: Milton Amaya

Motives and the people behind them are always a mystery. Now, there are for certain genuine, caring people out there who do selfless acts of kindness purely for the satisfaction–but for the vast majority, everybody has their motives. Especially in the music industry, where fame and the lure of cash often overshadow morality and self-awareness. Too many times have we seen artists come in, specifically in Hip-Hop, and be overwhelmingly more about the money, clothes and hoes than they are for the actual art. As of late, it’s something that’s not even being hidden anymore and artists — actually, people in general — are getting more and more boastful about doing it for the jewels and ignoring the rules. As 20-year-old Las Vegas native, Kiari The Stone puts it on his newest single, they do it for the, “Wrong Reasons.”

Produced by frequent Freddie Gibbs collaborator, Blair Norf — also a Vegas native — “Wrong Reasons” serves as the next single off of the highly anticipated debut album by Stone, PRMSLND, following the acclaimed, “Smile 4 Me,” which we premiered in April. Layered with thumping bass kicks that are perfectly complimented by One Militia rep Fendi Sean‘s ambitious live horn melodies, the track sounds like it could be also be the lead single for the Drumline remake — just playing, Nick. Leave that alone. Stone’s effortless imagery, “I watch him toast to God with a bottle of Hen/ He said that Jesus and Tupac died for our sins,” coupled with the stout production from Norf and live instrumentation from Sean, make “Wrong Reasons” an easy go-to for, “Next To Blow” lists and PRMSLND a must-listen for any doubters.

Listen to the new track below and keep your eyes peeled for, PRMSLND, out everywhere 7/7.

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