Rapper Duckwrth drops new fashion line BOY


Credit: Duckwrth (@DUCKWRTH)

Rapper Duckwrth, known for tracks like “I’M DEAD” and “RUUUN,” kicked off his new line BOY on Wednesday.

The line, conceptualized by the rapper, celebrates clothing regardless of gender through its acceptant message.

On the line’s website, BOY is explained in a series of images.

“When people think of flowers,” the site details, “they usually associate that with the female gender. So the juxtaposition between seeing the word ‘BOY’ with a flower is a simple symbol of duality. We believe that boys can pick flowers, & girls can throw fist in a mosh pit, & not be seen as any less of their gender.”

BOY’s website offers a collection of finely embroidered black and white tees with the word “BOY” in the center. The “O” in “BOY” is replaced with a tasteful and standout rose.

Additionally, the shirt finds a crease focused in on the center of the shirt, acting as guidance for wearers to tuck their shirt in smoothly.

Both black and white tees are available for $40 alone and are $75 together when purchased together with the “BOUTIQUE T-SHIRT BUNDLE.”

Make sure to check out the new line conceptualized by Duckwrth and take yourself back to his interview with RESPECT. last September.

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