Aminé Returns With New Single, “Turf”

Aminé "Turf"

Image credit: Aminé

Following the massive success of “Caroline” and his recent induction as a XXL Freshman, it’s safe to say that Aminé is flying pretty high right now. Looking to continue the momentum, the Portland artist delivers a new single titled “Turf,” featuring vocals from Charlie Wilson.

On the track, Aminé paints a vivid picture of memories from his hometown (Portland, Oregon) and subsequent move to L.A.:

Everybody wanna be a star, everybody want a nice car
Everybody wanna live great, have a good damn time, never trip with the law
The popo up in PO, dirtier than VO
Bullies from the past act like I’m they f***ing hero
Livin’ in LA for the weather, I FaceTime mom when I miss her
I got some homies that’ll never leave my hometown…

Check out the track below…also included is a performance of “Turf” in a supermarket courtesy of VEVO Lift (because why not?). If you missed them, you should definitely take a listen to “HEEBIEJEEBIES” — his collaboration with Kehlani — and “REDMERCEDES.”

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