Slimm Body Does Q&A for Upcoming Project, ‘For My People 3’

Slimm Body

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Fresh off “Nothing’s Promised” and news about his new project, Wholesale Entertainment CEO Slimm Body provided reflection on the aforementioned with RESPECT. Being as enamored with music and creation as he is, it’s an inevitable that some red-blooded love is going to show through Slimm’s answers and thoughts on his project. Below you can view the “Nothing’s Promised” video, and hear more about For My People 3, beyond that.

How is “Nothing Promised” going to fit into the greater narrative of the upcoming project?
Well, this upcoming project, For My People 3, is kinda like my version of Nas’ Lost Tapes. I started this a few years back for my core audience in Tennessee. For My People is a project comprised of tracks and videos that I made, that I love, but didn’t push the button on releasing them because the timing wasn’t right. So it fits in right into the more introspective, lyrical side of my music. For the video, we just wanted to try to give it as much substance as the song.
What emotions were involved in the creation of the project?
I span the entire emotional spectrum on this project. Each song has its own direction and vibe. You’ll be able to match a feeling or emotion to each track. My approach always remains the same, with a focus on my lyricism. Bars above all. I just try and go into the studio and make what feels right. You can’t fail that way.
From “Stack It” to “Nothing Promised,” the vibe of your music varies from cold to showy. Which kind of music resonates more with you?
Like I said before, as long as the beat is talking to me, I don’t care what tempo, don’t care what sounds, don’t care what drum set. Ima bless it. If it feels good to the soul, it feels great to me!
Were there any creative or mental risks involved in the making of the project?
I feel like the only risk nowadays is being yourself. So… just record what you feel. What relates to you in these days and times. Being something you’re not, or not owning your truth is transparent. Everyone can see right through it. My approach is to bare my soul with the hope of my messages and vibes reaching a million people! Just staying true to myself and what I create.
What should be taken away from the project? 
That we Wholesale Ent. and #WE taking the nation. The project is kinda like a sampler. Different joints for different moods. Ultimately I just want to take my core back in Tennessee and take it national by connecting with a bigger audience. There’s something on there for everyone. Something to smoke to, something to party to, something to vibe to. Tennessee has something to say, but my team, Wholesale Ent., has a lot more to say.
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