RESPECT. Premiere: Saucalini – “Boomin’ (Feat. Rossi Rock)”

Photo by @Saucalini

San Diego, California is starting to develop a sound, or we’re just now paying attention. Either way, the 619 is called home by some of the most creative minds in West Coast Hip-Hop right now — including John Givez, Rob $tone, Malik Burgers and more – but none are more hot at the moment than hometown favorites Suav City. Spearheaded by recent Private Club Records Signee Rossi Rock and Rottweiler’s Stillo Suav, the collective has been on a roll lately; releasing an online magazine, dropping Rottweiler’s anniversary collection and of course the release of Rossi’s new EP, Pony, which features the scolding-hot single, “Tell Me” featuring 24hrs. Looking to keep the streak alive, the collective added Sebby OG & Suacalini of, “Ball Cap” fame to the mix with the latter wasting no time on establishing his place in the crew, releasing his newest single, “Boomin’” featuring Rossi.

Opting for a completely different vibe on, “Boomin’” than “Ball Cap,” Saucalini instead focuses on crafty cadences and lyrics as opposed to melodies and auto-tuned hooks. It’s a refreshing listen to hear the SD native showcase a versatility that will endear him to both fans of melody rap, and substance. The distinct old-school player sound provided by Saucalini’s arrogant wordplay, compliments Rossi’s scathing verse, which sounds like the Tanboy affiliate reaching his final form, spewing off claim after claim that nobody is fuck*ng with his pen, period.

“Too keep it 100 bro, I just played the beat and freestyled it. (Laughs) I didn’t really have a concept,” said Saucalini over email to RESPECT., “It all kind of speaks for itself; talking about making these moves and when we follow thru with them, I’m buying my girl a bag/Jag.” The Daygo product also spoke on he and Sebby OG’s upcoming collaboration, StonedColdPilots, “This song will be on my brother and I’s project, StonedColdPilots. There’s a couple songs with Rossi Rock featured. That shit is full of slaps man, I can’t wait to release it to the universe—good lawd almighty, that’ll be pleasant.”

Check out the premiere for, “Boomin’” below, and be sure to keep an eye on Saucalini and the Suav City collective.