RESPECT. Premiere: Mother’s Day Tragedies in Slimm Body’s “Nothing’s Promised”

Slimm Body

There’s greetings from Slimm Body, CEO of Wholesale Entertainment, on Mother’s Day weekend with the melancholic “Nothing’s Promised,” another somber account of hood living and hood issues. It’s a twisted tribute to mothers everywhere; “doing whatever it takes” to take care of her children, the mother figure featured in the video grasps criminal activities, while juxtaposing shots of her maternal actions are tossed in the video. A murky look at the realities many families face when tasked with single parenthood.

“Nobody promised you nothing when you came up out your mom/except you’ll probably go to hell” are the first words uttered in the track, darkening the mood for the otherwise brightly filmed visual that’s outfitted with shots of nature and parental bonding. “Being dead by 21” is the lingua franca of minorities living in lower income neighborhoods, and the video taps into this by suggesting that even though this mother is doing all she can to provide for her children, there’s a web of crime that’s easily overlooked and tripped over awaiting her children in the future.

Dee Goodz, fresh off the release of his album Floetic Justice 3 and a relatively recent feature on Complex Hustle,  supports Slimm throughout the track, adding aggression and red-bloodedness to the mellow track. You can stream the video above, and keep up with Slimm via his Twitter and Instagram.

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