RESPECT. Premiere: Lil’ Knight & Lil’ Koat – “Surpass”


Lil’ Knight by @Mrgroup

“Rolling Loud was a movieeeeeeeeeeee (camera emoji)”

Stop me if you’ve read this Tweet more than 50 thousand times since the Miami festival has passed. If you’ve been to any festival/concert/millenial-events in the past year or so and decided to look on socia media afterwards, it’s likely that you’ve seen that phrase thrown around more than a frisbee. The funniest part about it is, most people claiming to be in the, “movieeeeeeeeeeee” are often goofies with deep pockets who more often than not, lack any type of juice and look like this.

(Alright, that wasn’t fair. I actually like Rich Chigga, I just don’t know man. I just. don’t. know.) (I’m also incredibly salty that I wasn’t at Rolling Loud, so take this for what you will.)


Lil’ Koat by @mrgroup

Never the ones to be associated with the goofies and the noobs, Las Vegas duo Lil’ Knight & Lil’ Koat take us on a trip down to Miami in the sauced out new visual for, “Surpass.” Coming off of the recently released, GoGeta project, “Surpass” is essentially this generation’s version of an inspirational track. Koat & Knight trade-off bars about leveling up and never looking down over the uptempo beat, which is carried by these pitched down drum-kicks that sound like bongos off the Actavis. Seriously, this song — and even more so the video — are wavy as fu*k.  “Honestly the song was old and we’re on to new things, finally finding our own sound,” said Lil’ Knight to RESPECT., “We just figured the visuals would bring the song more life because we were in Miami, trying to surpass these niggas.”

Check out the new video for, “Surpass” and be sure to keep an eye on the dynamic duo.

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