Let Our Evils Combine: After Warm Talks, 45 Invites Aspiring Hitler Rival to WH

It is no secret. This administration, like most others, is pretty secretive. Rightfully so, say some. What is a secret is the intentions of our leadership. In a world of ever growing geopolitical tensions it would be silly to spill your intelligence strategy in a news headline. However, some political figures are far less protective of their prejudices. All over the world you’ll find intolerance running as rampant as the drugs & crime many leaders detest. Their personal views & beliefs start to dominate their office’s policy & damage the people.

“Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now, there is three million drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them.”

-Rodrigo Duterte

We all know Muslims are the only terrorists, poor people are criminals and wealthy people don’t break the laws (I can’t keep up the sarcasm).  Unfortunately, views like these have a common root. Economic policy can set a stage for channels of hate to be exploited. Over time regional agendas tend to railroad the same people day after day, century after century. Power struggles are nothing new. In some spots around the globe, the losers of these struggles tend to look the same physically or fiscally.

“Please don’t order me around. … Or would you rather that I declare martial law?”

-Rodrigo Duterte

After Rodrigo Duterte was elected, a drug war was promoted shoot to kill orders given to officers. Since his June 2016 election there have been 9,000 murders of suspected drug offenders by police and state funded “murder squads.” Trap culture around the world is bred as a response to the reality of our existence.

“You drug pushers, hold-up men and do-nothings, you better go out. Because I’d kill you.”

-Rodrigo Duterte

Here in the U.S. we see just how the war on drugs unfolded in New York, L.A., Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Washington, DC and every city in between. The poorer and more brown you are the more likely you are to be profiled, searched, detained, arrested or killed by the state. Melanin, poverty and survival are essentially being outlawed by states that will not change the mechanisms of their oppression.

“I was angry because she was raped. That’s one thing. But she was so beautiful. The mayor should have been first.”

-Rodrigo Duterte

The United States can clearly identify the correlation between the evaporating middle class, drug sales, addiction and even life expectancy. However, the response to the circumstances created by capitalism and greed is never restraint, consideration or support. Instead, heads of state opt to criminalize, jail and murder the poor who exist in the causality of the economic & judicial strangulation.

“Instead of helping us, the first to hit was the State Department. So you can go to hell, Mr. Obama, you can go to hell.”

-Rodrigo Duterte

What we are seeing here and on the other side of this rock (Earth) is the same thing. Leaders will continue to destroy as many undesirables as the people allow.

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