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KM Kash

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21-year-old artist KM Kash of Spring Valley is certainly here to change the game in a major way, bringing back a real battle rap feel to the New York Hip-Hop scene. While only in the game for the past 2 years, he’s made sure to make a name for himself via his gritty sound and lyrical precision paired with his unique flare and sense of versatility. It is true that KM Kash can easily be overlooked in pursuit of the ‘livest’ track; however, Kash makes sure to stay heard, incorporating a real underground feel to his visuals and tracks.

This style was certainly on display in his 2016 track “17 Homicides,” which has reached over 1,000 plays on YouTube and over 6,000 plays on Soundcloud. With the success of this track, Kash was able to really set his career to new heights, working alongside artists such as Quan Rite and Grizz Ru and producers like Tyluminosity and CashMoneyAP. With the help of these collaborators, he released his first full-length project entitled Play 2. The project was released last May, which included a few highly-successful tracks such as “Play Your Position” and “The Intro Pt. 2.”

With that success, Kash decided it would be the best time to release visuals for the track “Play Your Position.”

The video — shot in a black and white scale — plays into Kash’s kind of no-frills approach to music, where he gives listeners exactly what they came for…’real Rap’. He’s less focused on the money, flashy cars and woman and more focused on his flow and intense wordplay, all while maintaining a smooth visual presence and staying true to his sound. It’s safe to say that 2016 was certainly Kash’s year, dropping hit after hit — including his “56 Nights” freestyle (entitled “Mob Nights”), which again established his presence among the music industry’s most serious contenders.

After “Mob Nights,” KM Kash decided to dropped another freestyle entitled “Position Of Power,” which gives off his infamous, gritty (and classic) New York sound. Even though Kash has already reached over a half million views via YouTube, he maintains his humble persona and sticks to the music…especially as he prepares to drop his next EP titled In Kash We Trust.

Based on the direction Kash has gone so far, it’s quite clear that he will never lose sight of his true passion for the craft, channeling the trials of his life and translating them to his lyrics. With that being said, it’s safe to say that KM Kash is hip-hop industry’s top upcoming freshmen. Lucky for us, we were able to get the inside scoop on his newest track, “I Got Bands,” where Kash tries out a sound a lot different from his usual grittier tones, toying with AutoTune and going into a more upbeat direction.

Check out our brief interview with the rising star.

RESPECT.: What inspired you to write “I Got Bands”?

This track is a rare track to me because I don’t make a lot of what people would call turn up music so I just wanted to make a track that’s catchy and kind of swaggy.

RESPECT.: What does it mean to you?

This track means a lot to me, took me out of my comfort zone, but overall it’s a banger in my opinion.

RESPECT.: How long it took you to finalize it?

Not long about 45 minutes to finalize the track.

RESPECT.: What’s next?

I have a lot of singles, visuals, and also my EP is on the way.

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