50 Cent Takes Crack at Ja Rule over Fyre Fiasco

After several days of the Ja Rule and Billy McFarland scrambling to make right their botched Fyre Festival extravaganza, 50 Cent takes the time to make fun of his rival (and the president while he’s at it).

Many of us have heard about the chaos that had happened when the promised luxuries of Fyre Festival were never delivered: people paid exorbitant prices for high class amenities and dining, and even more for supposed VIP access to the musicians that were promised to be joining the festival in the Bahamas. Instead, they found large tents, sandwiches presented in carry out boxes, and less than stellar transportation and other accommodations. Many took to social media to either ask for help (those who were trapped on the island) or to make fun of the whole situation as a poorly thought out, poorly executed, and overly advertised disaster. Ja Rule’s apology included the line, “I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT… but I’m taking responsibility.”

50 Cent was part of the latter group, making a post on his Instagram that took a shot at his rival. As you can see posted below, he had a screenshot of Donald Trump typing on a laptop with the words “appoint ja rule as secretary of festivals” superimposed over it. While not overly inflammatory, it’s clear that 50 Cent is taking a crack at the qualifications of Ja Rule when it comes to making festivals, and in this case, the results may just speak for themselves.

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