Check out Xavier Omär’s new Single “Afraid”

Xavier Omär "Afraid"

In conjunction with Red Bull Sound Select, singer/songwriter Xavier Omär — formerly known as SPZRKT — delivers a new song titled “Afraid”. For those who aren’t familiar with SPZRKT, his emotionally-charged work with Sango (ex. “Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife,” Hours Spent Loving You) made a lot of waves on the DJ circuit a years ago.

The song is an ode of how you don’t have to be afraid of your insecurities or fears. In its bare honesty, “Afraid” is a statement of how we as a society cover up our sensitive interiors with a tough shell which can block our blessings. Speaking on the track, Omär explained:

The only reason many of us claim to be a savage or have no feelings is because we’re really just scared to get hurt, so we act and play but we’re never fulfilled because we won’t be honest with ourselves. This song is the beginning of honesty with myself.

Produced by Bizness Boi, the tune creates a setting that feels safe and comforting enough to reveal one’s deepest thoughts. It might just be the perfect tune for your “got blues” playlist.

Check out “Afraid” below; it comes accompanied by a second cut titled “No Way Out,” which features GoldLink.

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