Previously Unreleased Prince Comes Knocking on Friday


photo via Rolling Stone

Prince‘s instructions upon death regarding his music were non-existent; though out of protest for the profoundly prevalent streaming service business, he pulled his music, unannounced, from every platform except TIDAL back in 2015. Briefly sliding through Arsenio Hall‘s question regarding unreleased music, Prince stoically remarked “You would look different when it was finished.”

The Facebook page “Deliverance by Prince” released a video late on April 18th, the seductive purple slithering expansively across the screen, with shadows of the genreless artist and a guitar with his anti-industry symbol appearing in front the visual. By way of clapping and flame emojis, the Facebook page confidently announced that new unreleased Prince was going to be released on April 21st, the one year anniversary following the day of tragedy which marked Prince’s departure.

The question raised would revolve aggressively around how he would ever receive the thought of releasing previously unheard music; in the same aforementioned question posed by Arsenio, he said that he doesn’t “go back and listen” to his old music; it’s made, then suspended in time and in his vault of a ceaseless amount of music. This coupled with his music disappearing from streaming services (which subsequently reappeared earlier in 2017), invites a large room for theories and debates about his desires post-mortem.

Regardless, the Minnesotan artist’s official website is littered gallantly in promotion for the new EP, titled Deliverance, with the tagline “The unheard spiritual voice of Prince Rogers Nelson.”

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