RESPECT. Premiere: F.Y.I. – “These The Times (Don’t Judge)”

Photo by @fyipsalms

F.Y.I.‘s new single, “These The Times (Don’t Judge)” is off his May 19 album release: ameriBLACKKK.  Throughout the song, the LA native provides the antidote to the ills of the everyday struggle. Whether you’re in a classroom, working a 9-5 or chasing your dreams, this song is the theme music. The track, produced by Sir Jon Lee, features the soulful Kaye Fox (of J.Cole‘s “For Your Eyez Only”) and horn player, Ryck Jane. This shall sets the tone for the highly promising new project. Check out our brief conversation below.
RESPECT.: Tell us a little bit about your journey and how we’re here today with this new record?
F.Y.I. : I grew up in the culture. I am the culture. But I’d say my musical journey started about 3 years ago after being in a group making records and performing at festivals like the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and A3C; I decided to branch out and paint my own pictures on the solo tip. In 2014, I released my first solo single called “10 Worlds” and my feet been on the peddle ever since.
RESPECT.: What’s the meaning behind your name?
F.Y.I. : Foreshadow. Yahweh. Included. Foreshadow was the moniker I went by before, Yahweh is Hebrew for “God “and then you add the word included into the mix which means I’m saying God is always with me.
RESPECT.The visual of your album is powerful, what can we expect from the full project ameriBLACKKK dropping May 19?
F.Y.I. : Soulfulness.  Unapologetic.  Love.  Pain. Victory.  Life. The whole hueman experience.
Check out, “These The Times (Don’t Jude)” below and be sure to keep an eye out for ameriBLACKKK