RESPECT. Interview: Rising Artist K$urpreme Talks Flex Muzik, Influences & Future Plans


California native and Sailing team member K$upreme is breaking new ground. Recently, this talented newcomer released his debut mixtape Flex Muzik with a little help on production and a few features…this project is nothing less than an enjoyable high energy debut. From producing to emceeing and fashion, K is not missing a step while he works toward making his name known and remembered throughout.

Recently, we here at RESPECT. Magazine had the chance to speak with this hard-working artist to find out what lead him to start doing music, along with his future plans and new mixtape. K is a straight-up person so it was an honor for us to speak with the rising star…so without any hold up, enjoy and get to know K$upreme.

RESPECT.: So what’s going on? How’s the day treating you so far?

Wasup? I’m doing Good

RESPECT.: I always find it funny to ask this question so we have to ask but what’s the story behind the name K$urpreme?

My first name starts with K and I’m from Cali so I’ve been wearing Supreme since I was young. And one day it came together don’t know exactly how It happened.

RESPECT.: H ow did you start doing music? Who were some of your biggest influences in the beginning and why?

In 2014 when I came to Georgia, back when I linked with Yachty. I was listening to a lot of Yung Gleesh Cleansides Finest 3. Chief Keef was a big influence as well, he the first young nigga to make it like that.

RESPECT.: When did you record your first song? How much have you’ve grown as an artist since that time?

“Kush Bags” is my first song and I’ve grown because now I make beats and use different methods for recording.

RESPECT.: As of now, you’ve just released your full debut project How long did you work on this project?  What would you untimely like your listeners to get out of this debut project?

I worked on Flex Muzik for a minute like a few months. And I want the youth to be motivated to get money, have fun, and keep gong

RESPECT.: If you had to pick what would you say is your favorite track on Flex Muzik?

Swag & Uzi ft. Chief Keef

RESPECT.: What can we look forward to seeing from you in future as an upcoming young artist?

A lot of videos from the project, I got a few singles coming out with some features that I’m not gonna talk about.

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