#PeepTheVisual: Deezo – “Child Support”


Groupies. Okay, we don’t like that word? How about a more euphemistic word like, “muse” — word to Penny Lane. Whatever you want to call them, we’ve all heard the stories of fans trying to show just how fanatic they are. Those aren’t the only examples, though. You also have the video vixens, the groupies disguised as “artists” — you know who you are — and of course, the Instagram models. You know, the ones who gather hundreds of thousands of followers based solely on their looks and accept one way ticket “fly-outs” to cities they’ve never been. If you fit that criteria, San Diego native, Deezo‘s new wavy visual for, “Child Support,” could be your saving grace.

Shot primarily through the fabricated lenses of the ever growing, Grand Theft Auto, world; “Child Support” is a modern testimonial to women who are being too careless on social media. The video follows a female character, who runs through a few shenanigans throughout the video, highlighted by her meetings with the main character, who is played by Deezo. “I always wanted a video like Kanye’s heartless,” said the San Diego native on the making of the authentic visual, “Since I don’t have his budget, GTA was the next best thing! (laughs).” The, “Devil’s Dealer” rapper also let us know that he will be releasing an EP in July.

Check out the trippy visual for, “Child Support” and get hip to the So Cal representative.

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