J Scienide Offers Up New Single – “The Jux” (feat. DJ Iran)

Washington, DC-native emcee J Scienide released “The Jux,” a traditional sounding hip-hop track produced by Gensu Dean featuring DJ Iran. According to the J Scienide, the song is inspired by a conversation with a few older men in October of last year. He was in Brooklyn at a cookout.

J Scienide says the following about his latest release, “I had the beat playing on repeat as I was on the way to a cookout back in October. The guys talked about the good ol’ days when they used to go to parties at The Tunnel, Latin Quarter, and Mars; see people get robbed or partake in a robbery (or a jux). They grew up in New York City during the 1980s. At the time at the cookout, Slick Rick and BDP (Boogie Down Productions) played in the background. Subsequently, I grabbed a pen and a napkin. Then, I started writing to the beat. Gensu’s stripped down instrumental fit perfectly. It brought out my lyrics, and made me reminisce about sitting on the stoop in Brooklyn with the guys.”

Stream the single from J Scienide’s new album and feel free to let us know your thoughts.

“The Actual Heat” is out now via Official Crate Music Records. Purchase or stream the 13-track album now on Apple Music/iTunes.