With All Due RESPECT.: 5 Songs You’ve Been Sleeping On (4/5)

Look, I’m nothing if not honest with you guys, the readers. I love you guys as if I knew each and every one of you personally, and I would never deceive you. That’s why right now, a week in advance, I’m letting you know there will be NO With All Due RESPECT. next week. The reason being? Well, if you have to ask then have yet to be “HUMBLE.d” and somehow let the news of King Kendrick’s new album fly by your head. But wait, there’s more! *Billy Mays Voice* (R.I.P.) Not only are we being blessed with the Compton Gospel, but the young legend Joey BADA$$ is slated to release his sophomore project which has features from SchoolBoy Q, Styles P – wtf?! – and perhaps most importantly, Jermaine Cole. Personally, I have been waiting years, since this picture actually, to hear Joey and Cole trade bars on a track, but probably not for the same reasons as you. See, I believe that Joey has the chops to be King around here, but at only 22-years-old and with only one studio album under his belt, it’s obvious he still has some things to prove. Despite this, I think he’s DIRECTLY under J. Cole and after a lackluster album release from Cole this past winter – yeah, I said it – if Joey can get the best of Cole on their track together, and deliver another classic project, it may be time to shake up the rankings. But let’s be honest here, they’re both fighting for number three – DRAKE IS 1B TO KENDRICK’S 1A, DON’T @ ME — at this point & Cornroll Kenny is sure to be the talk of the town Friday night. Friday is still a couple days away, though, and you may need some kill to bridge the gap between now and 4/7. Don’t trip, we got you. Check out this week’s With All Due RESPECT. featuring a late night jam from Kaleb Mitchell, a super banger from Richie Bux and more.

DaShawn Watson – You Are (Not) Alone

Checking in first on the list is So. Florida native DaShawn Watson and his introspective track, “You Are (Not) Alone”. A couple weeks ago, we premiered the video for this track, and ever since I can’t stop listening. Watson has slowly become one of my favorite emcees from Florida over the past year with tracks like “[SLIDE]” and again delivers with this one. In Watson’s own words, he describes the track as, “Basically it’s inspired by the movie Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone because I’m tying in my past situations with a girl and the general theme for the movie about being alone.” The track exhibits everything there is to like about the Broward County spitter, which is highlighted by his ability to pace his words throughout his flow. Despite rapping at a machine gun like speed at times, Watson always does a great job at winding it back down towards the punchlines. Check out the track for, “You Are (Not) Alone” below and be sure to check out our interview with Watson about the making of the video, here.

Kaleb Mitchell – “Right Now (Feat. Asaiah Ziv & Caleb Cruise)”

In an era dominated by social media and “networking” in general, we’ve seen collaborations happen in Hip-Hop at a rate never seen before. Not only that, thanks to Twitter, we’re seeing artists on completely separate coasts, bring their fan bases together to create a special moment for both artists, and a way to gather more fans. In theory, it’s genius, and the latest duo to use this tactic were Wharton, PA native Kaleb Mitchell and Las Vegas rep Asaiah Ziv for the infectious single, “Right Now”. Self-produced by Mitchell – somehow the drum kicks are both chilling AND soothing, “Right Now” is a wavy ode to not taking any more bullsh*t. How many times have you told people you were on to something and they laughed at you, only to come right back around when the success is visible? That’s the feeling captured by Mitchell and Ziv in this down-tempo, yet easy to groove with track. “You ain’t hit me till I started getting poppin’/ got you thinking that I’m just another option,” croons Mitchell while Ziv adds on with the easily relatable bridge, “Don’t hit my line if you don’t know my name/ don’t hit my line if you want me for the fame/ don’t hit my line if you need another favor/ don’t hit my line, don’t hit my line.” Check out the vibe heavy track below and be sure to keep your eyes and ears on Mitchell & Ziv, who are two of the hottest underground acts out right now.

MaZhe. – “Sh*t Talk”

Making his second appearance on the list is San Diego native MaZhe. and his bar-heavy new single, “Sh*t Talk“. This is MaZhe.’s second appearance on the WADR column after last year’s inclusion of, “Gettin’ Real” a self-reflective track about finding yourself amidst the journey to your dreams. “Sh*t Talk” on the other hand, is exactly what the title suggests, flexing to the max. “I’m hunting for you better hold you ground,” raps the 20-year-old over a nostalgic sounding boom-bap beat with a twist – the synths that accompany the dusty drums is something Dilla must’ve dreamed about happening. While “Gettin’ Real” saw a young emcee attempting to find his voice and his path, “Sh*t Talk” serves as the evolution of the Daygo rep, adding a more confident and assertive sounding cadence to his repertoire. MaZhe. has good reason to feel that way also, as the budding wordsmith has been lighting up the blogesphere. Check out the new single below, and be sure to check out the SD native sooner rather than later.

Saucalini – “Ball Cap (Feat. SEBBYOG)”

Keeping it in San Diego, next up on the list is Saucalini & his SebbyOG assisted ode to SD, “Ball Cap”. What at first listen sounds like a duo pledging their allegiance to the sound that Yachty – ehh Burberry Perry — built (xylophones, juvenile synths, etc.) quickly manifests itself as something way more substantial, a city-wide anthem. “I got SD on my ball cap, tell these old hoes they can fall back,” croons Saucalini throughout the intro and the chorus, which makes you wish you had a Padres cap in reach sooooo badly. An underrated feat of the soon-to-be-viral track will definitely be its focus on positivity. Because of the auto tune drenched testimonials about all black Nike SBs, Michelada tall cans, & spiteful chicks; it could be real easy to miss gems like, “Tell me why the fu*k you mad for, bit*h you actin’ like an a*shole,” or “All of you wanna be sad, I’m too happy for all of that bullsh*t you talkin’,” ringing throughout the infectious track. With the track at 9K plays and counting, combined with their announcement as the newest members of Rossi Rock’s Suav City collective, Sebby and Saucalini are on the fast track to regional or even national success. When it comes to the city though, the track is already a Daygo spiritual. Check out the track below and join the bandwagon now before it’s too late.

Richie Bux – “Make it Out (Feat. Chuck Brilliant & Silent)”

Rounding out this week’s list, coming in last but not least, is Richie Bux and the menacing track, “Make it Out” featuring Chuck Brilliant and Silent. A standout track from Bux’s, Early Infamy tape, “Make it Out” reunites the former NWO members one track for the first time this year. Bux kicks off the track with chilling keys that constantly wander in the back of your mind for the rest of the song, while setting the tone and letting you know, “We got real cookies for your sweet tooth.” Despite Bux’s impressive opening verse, the man of the hour has to be Chuck Brilliant. “I get my hands dirty, my intuition is camouflage,” starts of Brilliant with his verse, creating a tone for the rest of the 16. Chuck is no stranger to this list, or killing tracks, as he himself had a spot on this list with last year’s, “House Party”. The Chuck we get on this track is a lot different, though. While he focused more on party raps and tweet worthy bars on, “House Party”, the Vegas native showcases a pain in his voice that’s reminiscent of 50 post shooting. Expect for Chuck to be a breakout artist this year on the streets. While Chuck may have lyrically commanded the track, it was Silent who steals the show by the end of the track. Opting for a more nasally sounding cadence that makes him sound like the child from hell with a vengeance on the producer, Silent completely takes over the song with his last verse, climaxing in the mimicking of his semi-auto letting off on the competition, literally and figuratively. Check out the track below and be sure to give Early Infamy – which is easily one of the best EPs released in the first quarter of 2017 – a deep listen.


There you have it! Let us know how we did, did we get it right? Are we still sleeping on your favorite local artist? Let us know in the comment section below!

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