Desiigner Guest Stars on ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’

Bill Nye Saves The World

Photo credit: IMDB/video screenshot (featured)

Many of us are familiar with Bill Nye the Science Guy, and were thrilled to hear that he had a new show coming to Netflix called Bill Nye Saves the World. When the first episode of the show premiered April 21st, we were once again learning from the iconic figure, but not alone — rapper Desiigner got schooled on climate change right along with us.

As spotted on Hot New Hip-Hop, a clip from the show exhibits that there are a lot of beloved items that can disappear along with the health of the world — things like chocolate, sushi, coffee, and panda friends. In the clip, we can see Desiigner learning this as those items disappear before him with a helpful explanation provided by Karlie Kloss. The video is humorous and informative, and leaves us with the impression that if we don’t help control global warming and climate change, we may be stuck with only black jelly beans for a questionable comfort food.

Bill Nye Saves the World is now available on Netflix, and the video with Desiigner and Kloss is posted below.

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